Playing with Power - Book 1

Adele Huxley
Playing with Power - Book 1


Adele Huxley
Release Date
July 2014
Book 1 of Playing with Power
Contemporary Romance, New Adult

Lauren is a brilliant computer programmer working at a fashion startup in the heart of Manhattan. Like any girl in her mid-20's, Lauren would rather have a life full of travel, fun, and luxury not long hours with little free time.

With a large stake in StyleSpur, she isn't waiting for some billionaire to come sweep her off her feet; she's making it happen for herself. If only her misogynistic boss Parker didn't seem to actively sabotage her hard work.

Her boyfriend Nick is hell-bent on getting her to move out of the city and back to their middle-of-nowhere home town. She's starting to think maybe they want different things out of life but hey, at least the sex is always good!

Life is getting more complicated with each day. Never one to shy from a challenge, Lauren is starting to take control of her life and plot the road to success.

Notes to the reader from Adele:
* This book contains detailed (and incredibly hot) sexual scenes and is intended only for adults.
* This book is part of a long series. First section = Books 1 - 5, Second section = Books 6 - 10. All stories have been fully planned, I just need to write them! As such, expect cliffhangers!!
* There will be a happy ending. It might not be the ending you want but it will be the one Lauren earns.
* Book 1 is 21,300 words long


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