The Cowboy and the Angel

TJ Kline
The Cowboy and the Angel
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Avon Impulse
Release Date
August 2014
Book 2 of The Rodeo Series
Contemporary Romance, Western Romance

Reporter Angela McCallister needs the scoop of her career in order to save her father from the bad decisions that have depleted their savings. When the opportunity to spend a week at the Findley Brothers ranch arises, she sees a chance to get a behind-the-scenes scoop on rodeo. That certainly doesn't include kissing the devastatingly handsome and charming cowboy Derek Chandler, who insists on calling her "Angel."

Derek has a rodeo to run and a chip on his shoulder. He has no time for the fiery woman who is clearly hiding something. But for some reason he can't keep his hands off of her. Their connection is instant and explosive, but Angela's secrets could threaten his family, and Derek needs to prove that he's not the irresponsible kid brother anymore.

When the rodeo dust has settled, will the Cowboy and his Angel allow themselves to give in to the attraction that threatens to consume them both?

Book Review by Angie Just Read... (reviewer)
Dec 09, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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He'd always taken the easy road until he let his family down. Now he's driven to show them just how responsible he can be and he won't let them down again--ever. She never got to be a child and her ingrained need for self-preservation just might drive her to ruin others in hopes of finally breaking a cycle of endless responsibility and despair. Both want to finally make good no matter what. It can destroy them both or give them a future and purpose they never expected to find together.

Since childhood, Angela McCallister has been haunted by her mother's untimely death and left with the daunting task of caring for her father, the town drunk. Her reporting on local interest stories for the local TV station barely pays to keep her and her father living in a rental in the bad part of town. And, there are few chances for advancement since her ex-boyfriend and oldest friend, Joe, is also the boss--a boss who never gives her the juicy assignments that could lead to a better life in a bigger TV market and a much needed pay increase that would allow her to put her father in an alcoholic treatment program.

Luckily, an anonymous caller's tip to Angela about the mistreatment and doping of rodeo animals could provide Angela with the big break she needs to set her life on a new path, even if she has to employ dodgy tactics and feminine wiles to get to the real truth of the matter of animal mistreatment on the rodeo circuit.

Derek Chandler's once carefree attitude and his susceptibility to a scheming woman almost tore his family and their rodeo business apart, but since vowing to shoulder majority responsibility for running the business, Derek is finally regaining his family's trust and respect. Yet, Derek knows that just one fatal error on his part can sever the fragile peace he has with his brother. If Derek wants to prove he's now truly committed to the family business, he'll have to tackle nosy reporter Angela McCallister head on and prove that his family's ethically run rodeo business doesn't abuse or dope its rodeo stock. However, he's incensed at how quickly the sexy, spitfire reporter insinuates herself into the running of his business and amazed to find she has hidden vulnerabilities much like his own.

Shadowing the rodeo operation's every move has Angela and Derek both living outside their comfort zones and, despite a mutual distrust, they find themselves fighting an attraction that's burning out of control. Trying to avoid increasingly insightful feelings about one another that may prove perilous to their hearts tests them both, until Angela realizes the man that's been holding her back for years is someone other than her father. It's a revelation that can cost Angela far more than a fledgling shot at a better future and it can cost Derek, a man she's come to care for deeply, more than his family and their rodeo business.

With her descriptive details of the rodeo life, and a hero and heroine pitted to fight one another for their very futures, T.J. Kline sets the stage for an intriguing read that pulls you in and keeps you equally empathetic to the struggles that Angela and Derek are undergoing as individuals. While I liked both of these characters and identified with their struggles, I did experience some impatience with them as they waffled back and forth between understanding sympathy and new and unfounded reasons to distrust one another, as all the while their physical relationship got more involved.

That issue aside, Ms. Kline did a wonderful job of slowly revealing the secrets and motivations of secondary characters, then tying it into the back story and creating a few unexpected plot twists. In the end, T.J. Kline left me quite satisfied with this fast paced romance that explains the difference between obligations begrudgingly born of responsibility and sacrifices made with a willing heart.
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