Dirty Deal

Christine Bell
Dirty Deal
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Entangled Publishing, LLC
Release Date
August 2014
Book 2 of A Perfectly Matched Novel
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance

Professional matchmaker Serena Elliott spends her workdays helping clients find love. It's the perfect gig. She gets to see the good part of the relationships...before things inevitably turn to crap. She leads her own love life the same way. Get in, and get out before things get too complicated. One date with sexy army doctor, Bryan Metcalf, won't be enough to make her change her mind, no matter how hot it gets…

Bryan has had his share of crazy women and isn't in the market for another relationship that ends by way of restraining order. When Serena Elliott gets into a bidding war for him at a charity bachelor auction, he's a little worried. Turns out she's just as anti-relationship as he is, and could be the solution to all his problems. If he can convince her to be his fake girlfriend, he just might be able to spend the rest of his leave in peace. Now if only he can stop thinking about that night on the beach…

But there are other forces at work that believe these two belong together, and they just might find out that happily ever afters do exist.

Book Review by Delta (reviewer)
Aug 28, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Five smokin' hot stars for DIRTY DEAL, a wild and passionate ride through the beginning stages of a fated relationship.

Army trauma doc Bryan Metcalf is pissed! Simply trying to help out his sister has him on stage at a bachelor auction...mostly naked, with his bait and tackle covered by a fig leaf. As if that weren't bad enough, this auction seems to be a haven for women who like to stalk him! Thankfully, Bryan gets rescued and won by the beautiful Serena Elliott, co-owner of a matchmaking service. Serena's partner Grace wants Bryan to be the face of the agency, but so far he's resisted her requests. Serena strikes a deal with Bryan to play his girlfriend and get the crazy women off his back if he'll be their model. She also strikes the sexual jackpot after a blistering hot beach encounter leaves them both wanting more.

Bryan doesn't do relationships, since he refuses to put any woman through what his mother went through with his career military father. But if he WERE to want more, it would be with someone like the gorgeous, funny and all around awesome Serena. The more time they spend together, the more they crave the wild crazy monkey sex and talks over breakfast. Both start to wonder why relationships are a bad idea when it feels so right together.

DIRTY DEAL is book 2 in the Perfectly Matched series and can be read as a standalone. Ms. Bell immediately brought the funny, and that terrifically dry sense of humor lasted the entire way through, which is a fabulous thing. Serena's inner monologue in particular cracked me up and had me smiling almost nonstop. Bryan's sister Quinn was a hysterically manipulative woman and I really hope she gets her own "dirty" book next. And dirty this book was, from the raw and passionate public beach experience to the inability to make it to a perfectly usable bed, every sex scene was chock full of delicious eroticness that made me nuts!

Serena was a terrific character, you couldn't help but be drawn to her self-deprecating humor, confidence and caring attitude toward everyone. Wealthy and independent, she could've easily come off as arrogant and bitchy but instead people gravitated to her personality, including Bryan. He comes off as an anxiety-ridden scaredy cat, particularly during the karaoke scene, but who can blame him with all of the crazy women who've been in his life! Ms. Bell could write a book just on his hilarious experiences alone! All in all, DIRTY DEAL is a fabulous book and one that I'll recommend to friends who love funny, sexy stories.
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