The Visitor and Other Threesomes

K.D. West
The Visitor and Other Threesomes
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Release Date
July 2014
Book 10 of Friendly Ménage Tales
Chick-lit, Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, LGBTQ, Ménage or more, New Adult

It's the the world's oldest fantasy: A threesome. A ménage à trois.

Most of us have fantasized about being with a pair of lovers. Some of us have been lucky enough to live the fantasy.

KD West brings you a collection of steaming hot tales of friendly mènages — a girl and two guy friends becoming... much more.

Includes some of Stillpoint/Eros' hottest titles in every sense of the word, including all of the stories in Three for Three and The Visitor Arrives plus more:

• The Visitor
• The Visitor Comes Homes
• The Visitor Comes Again
• The Visitor Goes to Work
• Truth & Games (with Verity — the epilogue!)
• Over the Top
• Folding Herself In
• The Trouble with Triplets.

(MMF threesome romance, bisexuality, explicit sex. Adult readers only.)

Book Review by Delta (reviewer)
Oct 04, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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THE VISITOR AND OTHER THREESOMES by K.D. West is a decadent taste of MMF and MFM menage stories that will leave you drooling and desperately wanting more!

In this collection, you'll find stories from The Visitor Saga series of novellas, including The Visitor, The Visitor Comes Home, The Visitor Comes Again and The Visitor Goes to Work. These stories feature Lea, who wants to move from CA to GA for work and winds up staying with her BFF's brother Sean while she's in town. Lea's been in lust with Sean for years, but when she meets his incredibly sexy roommate Andy, all bets are off! Lea wants both men, and after a decadent dream-like night, she realizes she'll do anything to be with Sean and Andy for the foreseeable future.

If I was rating these stories separately, The Visitor series of stories would blow the lid off of a 5 rating. I mean seriously, when a book starts out with the MC masturbating in the bathroom of an airplane, you know you're in for an insanely sexy treat. I went absolutely nuts for these stories, the humor used (especially in Lea's inner monologue), the incredibly erotic sex featuring some unbelievably yummy man-on-man all comes together to give good read. Word of warning though...DON'T get into this one in public. It could get...awkward.

The next stories are much shorter and are standalone novellas included in this book.

Truth & Games

Felicity, Aaron and Ben have been besties since college, and they've also been secretly pining away for one another for years. When Felicity brings home a vial of truth serum, every secret desire the three of them have had for each other comes to the surface.

By itself, Truth & Games would rate a 4 for me. It was slightly less HOT DAMN for me than The Visitor series, but it was still incredibly erotic. Super short and filled with crazy heat from the three of them when they went ALL IN for a night of passion, this story was a delicious MMF that could earn a spot on my reread list for sure.

Folding Herself In

Gil and Shawn are about to marry the loves of their lives, but when their very quiet, demure friend Ruth shows up at their place, totally drunk and spilling the beans about what their fiancees have been up to at their bachelorette party, the guys are incensed. Basically knowing that their wives-to-be had what amounted to an orgy on stage, neither of the guys feel too bad about jumping Ruth's bones right then and there.

As I'm not a fan of cheating stories, nor do I think it's real cool for a couple of guys to sleep with a hideously drunk woman, this one rated just a 1 for me. The story in itself was confusing, likely because a lot of it centered around a drunk girl talking and making little sense. Additionally, there wasn't a solid conclusion to this story, leaving me even more frustrated by this MFM story.

Over The Top

The summer after graduation, Danny and his girlfriend Suzie, along with their friends Jamie and Luz, plan to spend a few weeks at his family's cabin. Unfortunately, Danny and Suzie broke up before she could join the other three. Feeling bad for overt displays of sex, Jamie invites Luz to have a little fun with Danny to cheer him up. But when Suzie comes to visit unexpectedly, will Danny welcome her with open arms?

I'm not a huge reader of new adult/young adult stories since #1) they make me feel old, and #2) I don't like thinking of the under 21 set in a sexual way as a 30-something woman. Folding Herself In rated about a 2 for me because of the weak and poorly developed plot, the self-importance and melodrama that Danny insisted on exhibiting, and the fact that the sex scenes were pretty tame (featuring an M watching but not participating in an MFM and a vanilla MF).

Overall, since The Visitor Saga series itself was about half of the entire book, that made reading THE VISITOR AND OTHER THREESOMES definitely worth reading. Even though I didn't care for the last 2 stories personally, they were generally written well and will likely appeal to fans who don't mind those issues that turn me off. This book is absolutely worth picking up, but do make sure you've got something "handy" when you're reading it!
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