Mission: Compromised Submissive

Willow Brooke
Mission: Compromised Submissive

JK Publishing Inc
Release Date
March 2014
Book 3 of Breaking Protocol
Action/Adventure Romance, Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance

Warning: For Mature Adult Audiences. Contains wording and actions some may deem offensive. Sexually explicit content. MF
In book three of Breaking Protocol: Dom finds himself fighting a battle within for what he wants, and what he can never have. He is a Dom through and through so there is no denying his alternative lifestyle. The problem is he can't seem to stop the sexy little innuendos when it comes to the woman that haunts his every waking and sleeping moment. With a mission in the making he works to find the inner strength to stay away from her for both their sakes.
Vice has tried, but she can't get away from the panty-twisting kiss Dom laid on her the night of the party. It haunts her dreams, and tortures her during the day. Tension is thick, and Dom is a walking contradiction. One minute he is pulling his ‘me man you woman', then next, he leaves her melting into a puddle of need. Add in his rapid mood changes that are giving her whiplash, she is ready to strangle him.
The team heads out on another deployment with the hope in getting one step closer to stopping the terrorism and capturing the U.S. government officials behind the attacks on America until the mission takes a little detour as one of their own is captured.
The fight is on between two soldiers as they find themselves in a battle of wills. Can one learn to comprise while the other learns to be a submissive or will they both walk away from everlasting happiness?
Then can the team get to their comrade captivity before the window of opportunity shuts or will they face yet another loss and blow to their team.
Join the men and woman who place themselves in danger for the greater good, fighting to right the wrongs.


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