Laura Baumbach
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ManLoveRomance Press
Release Date
August 2014
Erotic Romance, LGBTQ, Vamps & Shifters Romance

Vampires are impervious to human ailments and blood-bore disease. But what happens one gets a taste of a new, powerful designer drug made from an element vampires have never encountered before?

Vampire Gideon Borg dines occasionally from the alcohol and drug-dazed 20-somethings found in any nightclub in the country. It spares his treasured human companion, Tanner Ash any danger from his less than discriminating appetites. There have never been 'leftover' effects from his meals. Until now.

Or is it just an excuse for Gideon to let his true nature out for an evening?

Book Review by Lynn (reviewer)
Oct 01, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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ADDICTED is a short story about the power of love to overcome deathly obstacles.

Vampire Gideon Borg and his human lover Tanner Ash have lived together for years without any issues. Gideon quenches his need for blood on young club goers so Tanner is not at risk from his hunger. Their arrangement has always worked and Tanner has never felt he is at risk with Gideon, until the night Gideon comes home after feasting on a younger partier whose blood was filled with a powerful drug that Gideon has never tasted before.

When Gideon gets home and is still high from his dinner, Tanner is not sure he can trust Gideon to not hurt him during their love making. Tanner must make some instant and difficult decisions while deciding if Gideon's love for him is enough to save his life.

This was an action-filled and emotional short story with two powerful yet vulnerable characters. Even though the character development was brief, due to the length of the story, the emotions were strong. Gideon believes he can control himself, even drugged, but he doesn't seem to understand his power or the fear he instills in Tanner. Tanner struggles with trusting Gideon enough to allow their rough play to continue.

Ultimately Tanner decides that Gideon is not in his right mind and has to take action. Tanner's decision could lead to a deeper understanding between him and Gideon, or it could result in Gideon's anger. Either way, it will be a change in the dynamics of their relationship. A lot of insight for a short story.
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