Goodbye Granny Panties

Andrea O'Day
Goodbye Granny Panties
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The Wild Rose Press
Release Date
August 2014
Contemporary Romance

Facing forty, can she find a man who doesn't care if she wears a thong or not?

Tess Grayson has a comfortable life. When new and sexy are the must-haves for everything from phones to shoes, Tess knows she can't compete with the newer models. Content with her working-mother life, she'd rather stay home in her sweatpants on Friday nights anyway.

But when a girlfriend pushes her to expand her horizons, Tess finds herself stuck with a crazy wager. Either she goes on five dates in six months, or she has to display her tone-deaf singing at the company talent show.

Determined to avoid humiliation, Tess ditches the granny panties and ups her sex appeal. Through a succession of epically bad dates, her biggest supporter is co-worker Jack Maristone. He even offers to help her win the bet. Could the solution to all her problems be right next to her?

Book Review by Angie Just Read... (reviewer)
Oct 06, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Financial responsibility to family drove them both to become workaholics, but they'd both lost at love. With a no-fraternization at work policy, was it really worth risking their careers to take another chance on love?

At thirty-nine, single mom Tess Grayson's focus was on her teen daughter Claire and her drive to always come out on top in her sales position at Tullamore in Atlanta. As for men, dating and relationships, there's just no time, and then, there's the fact that her cheating ex-husband left her feeling it just wasn't worth the effort, especially when she was the one left to financially support her daughter for the last twelve years.

Yet, Tess was just too competitive to cry off when her best friend and co-worker Allie challenged her to go on five dates by the end of the year or sing "Do You Think I'm Sexy" as part of the employee talent provided at next year's company sales conference. And so began a desperate quest to find five dates, while keeping an open mind and ditching her cotton granny panties for luxurious silk undergarments.

Jack Maristone thought he'd always done what was right and expected of him. He'd married his college sweetheart, worked hard and started his own company, provided everything his wife and son could ever want or need, but it hadn't been enough for his wife Elizabeth. Apparently, Jack should have been able to maintain their affluent Atlanta lifestyle while devoting all his time to Elizabeth's ever-changing whims. When Elizabeth's whims included a facelift, young boy toys, numerous infidelities, and ultimately divorce, Jack found the life of a forty-nine year-old man living alone in a Buckhead mansion had him wondering where he'd gone wrong in his life.

When Jack's company was acquired by Tullamore, he found himself frequently in the orbit of Tess Grayson and admiring more than her business acumen. He knew the attraction wasn't one-sided, but was Tullamore's no-dating policy the real reason Tess refused to let their attraction blossom? And, if Tess would stoop to dating a lovelorn Elvis impersonator who kept showing up and embarrassing her at the most inopportune moments, why wouldn't she give a decent man like Jack a chance?

Why can't you have it all--a fulfilling career and love with that one elusive soul who really understands you but you never knew was missing from your life until you found them?

If you like keep-it-real contemporary romance with some unexpected laugh-out-loud moments, you're going to love GOODBYE GRANNY PANTIES with its perfect balance of Southern charm and tradition mixed with life in the rat race of the affluent New South. As a Georgia native living in the burbs, I can attest that Andrea O'Day has perfectly captured the ambiance of Atlanta and its ever-changing modern environs, but it's her poignant, realistic characterizations of Tess and Jack, as they slowly emerge from their individual comfort zones, that will keep readers engaged in this romance that features a mature hero and heroine fighting an unexpected attraction that can ultimately put Tess' ability to support her daughter at stake.

Ms. O'Day's cast of interfering secondary characters, some altruistic and some not, provides tension, comedic relief, and in-depth perspective that both enhances and offsets the complexities that make Tess and Jack so relatable. This warm, witty, and wonderful take on love the second time around in hectic, humid, Hotlanta should be on the reading list of every woman who ever appreciated Scarlett O'Hara, Steel Magnolias, Sweet Home Alabama, or anyone who admires a classy Southern woman with a little backbone who just happen to have at least one intrepid friend who's forever pushing risk one day and repentance the next.
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