Binary Boy

R.J. Astruc
Binary Boy
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Dreamspinner Press
Release Date
August 2014
LGBTQ, Romantic Science Fiction/Futuristic

It's a lonely life being an Interpol kid. With both Michel's parents working for the international police force and always moving from country to country, it's hard enough to make friends, let alone find a boyfriend. Then he meets Benny during an online chat, and Benny is everything Michel ever wanted and more. He looks forward to meeting his crush when his family heads to Australia on an important mission. But Benny isn't quite what he seems, and it may have something to do with the man Michel's parents are investigating and his relationship to an AI. In order to find out the truth, Michel will have to go to greater lengths—and face greater dangers—than he ever imagined.

Book Review by Breann (reviewer)
Aug 22, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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BINARY BOY is different, refreshing and a great change of pace for a YA M/M romance.

Michel is lonely. His parents are a part of the international police force. What that means for Michel is a very sheltered existence and constantly moving around. Moving around before he can become really close to anybody. Then he meets a boy on the feeds named Benny.

He and Benny had become friends and then moved onto boyfriends when the book starts. They're super cute and have obvious chemistry and feelings for each other. During the course of their friendship, they've only been able to chat online. So when Michel finds out he's traveling nearby, he jumps on the chance to meet his boyfriend.

Benny doesn't sound so excited about the idea. Poor Michel is so confused as to why Benny wouldn't want to see and feel his boyfriend. As readers, we're able to kind of see where everything is headed, but Michel is clueless. Well, until he sees for himself why Benny was scared about the meeting.

The shenanigans that follow the discovery are completely entertaining. Michel goes to crazy lengths to prove something to himself and to Benny. Along the way, there are also some great secondary characters that only add to the fun.

When I say this is different, it's different because it's more about Michel doing something on his own, without the protection of being an Interpol Kid and making a tough choice. Everything ends for Michel on a pretty shaky HFN and honestly, I don't know how it'd work long-term. But I'd sure love to find out! Sequel?

Yep, I'd definitely want more of Benny and Michel. They make a great team and are just too loveable.
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