Her Indiscretion

Susan Palmquist
Her Indiscretion
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Noble Romance
Release Date
January 2011
Historical Romance

A foolish mistake has put Lydia James in a predicament; marry Lord Likely or become the scandal of Bath. Lydia had always believed in a love match and not in arranged marriages. Knowing her stupid indiscretion has put her future happiness in jeopardy, she heads outside to consider her options. It's there she has a chance encounter with the dashing Andrew Weatherton. Can he be the key to her happily ever after?

Book Review by Bridget (reviewer)
Mar 22, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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HER INDISCRETION is a delightful romp that packs quite a bit of adventure into a rather quick read. My train ride to and from work gave me the perfect amount of time to dive into the world of Lydia and Andrew and share in their secrets, dashing escapades, and passionate romance.

Lydia James has a talent for attracting the worst kind of trouble. Jilted by an artistic lover whom she trusted, her heartbreak is only worsened when she realizes that several scandalous paintings for which she posed during her relationship have been sold. The buyer, Lord Likely, is so taken with these images of Lydia that he pursues her, blackmailing her with the promise of revealing the paintings to all of Bath unless she agrees to allow him to bed her and then wed her—in that order! Though horrified, Lydia sees no means of escape, except for frequent walks in the garden to avoid the attentions of her lecherous suitor.

It is during one of these walks that she is thrown together—quite literally—with Lord Andrew Weatherton, as he attempts to escape from the house adjoining that of Lydia's family. Andrew, it seems, has stolen a rather significant document that could have dire consequences for all of Europe if allowed to fall into the wrong hands. Andrew leaves the paper with Lydia in order to make his getaway, promising to meet her the next day to retrieve it.

Believing Andrew to be nothing more than a common thief—and a remarkably handsome and clever one, at that—Lydia begins to see a way out of her terrible predicament. In return for the paper, Andrew needs simply to perform one more theft and then their partnership can be dissolved and forgotten. But it would appear that Lydia has misjudged not only her mysterious rescuer, who has stolen away her heart, but Lord Likely, as well. When he returns to wreak his revenge on the two schemers, it will take all their courage and deviousness to save the day.

I tend to be a bit fanatical about historical details in things I read, and while there were a few liberties taken in the course of the book, I found they weren't enough to distract me from the pleasure of Lydia and Andrew's escapades. Their schemes were a nifty blend of the madcap and the devious, and their brief romance lacked nothing either in heart or heat.

Lord Likely, with his stage-villain name, was quite lecherous, moustache-twirling bad guy and I found myself dangerously close to cheering on the train ride home when Andrew began plotting his final demise.

All in all, this was a great little example of what historic romances can be—fun, passionate, and engaging. Whatever may have been lacking in terms of historical accuracy was quite well balanced by a sprightly, courageous pair of characters who are willing to risk any danger for their true love.
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