Rio Connection

Carol Henry
Rio Connection
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The Wild Rose Press
Release Date
August 2014
Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense/Mystery

After finding her fiancé in the arms of her aerobics instructor, Marcia Kline calls off the wedding. When she learns her brother, Russell, is in trouble in Rio de Janeiro, she goes on her honeymoon alone to check up on him and runs smack-dab into Russell's boss, Jared Reed, whom she'd been briefly involved with two years ago. Before long, Marcia becomes entangled in the danger surrounding her brother and the seamy underworld of high-tech espionage during Carnaval.

Jared Reed suspects Russell Kline is in Rio selling his latest avatar prototype. He flies to Rio to catch Russell in the act, and instead saves Marcia from being kidnapped at knife point. Jared suspects Marcia is involved in her brother's scheme, so to keep an eye on her, he decides to help her search for Russell. And finds it hard to keep his emotions for Marcia in check.

In a race for their lives, will they learn to trust one another and make an everlasting Rio Connection?

Book Review by Delta (reviewer)
Sep 27, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Who wouldn't want to fall head over heels in love with someone in Rio de Janeiro during exotic Carnaval? The colors, the revelry, the dancing, the danger...all of it collides in RIO CONNECTION.

Marcia Kline has been cheated on for the last time! After finding her fiancé in bed (or in this case, in office) with her aerobics instructor, Marcia thinks the best revenge is taking their honeymoon to Rio on her own. Well she's going both for revenge and because her brother Russell is there and her sister-in-law thinks he is in some kind of trouble.

Russell's boss Jared Reed is flabbergasted when he's told that Russell has been stealing money from the company. He can't picture the reliable, churchgoing man as someone selling prototypes to Japanese competitors.To catch him in the act, Jared also heads down to Rio, but he catches Russell's sister Marcia wandering around unprotected during Carnaval instead.

Jared and Marcia briefly dated two years ago, but while she was looking for forever, Jared simply wasn't in a place to be that guy for her. Now that he's around her again, he can't seem to forget how much he enjoyed her company...and her beauty. But the ever-solid Jared seems to find himself on strange footing and questioning everything he knew to be fact. Could Marcia be part of her brother's scheme, and what happens if her former fiancé comes back into the picture?

RIO CONNECTION started off strong, with corporate espionage, murder and mayhem in an exotic locale. As this book drags on however, I found myself bored and wishing for more descriptions on Rio (other than Sugar Loaf Mountain and Christ the Redeemer) and less on the dry and unimaginative characters. Marcia's men keep disappointing her...but really, what man could POSSIBLY resist a needy, clingy 20-something woman who isn't into casual sex, wants to get married ASAP and pop out a couple of rugrats? No takers? Shocking. Marcia isn't a fierce or passionate woman, and the whiny temper tantrums didn't endear her to me at all. And I'm not sure quite how Jared runs two successful "hands on" business enterprises when he can't even be bothered to check his bank statements or confirm that someone is on his payroll.

The two of them don't seem to have much chemistry and the sex scenes didn't sizzle. The romance in this romantic suspense was highest between Jared's brother and sister-in-law. In fact, Sophia was the bright spot in this book with her flamboyant and outspoken ways that made me want to attend some of her dance classes. Because this book did start out decently and the lukewarm action continued throughout, I didn't hate this book, but there's not a lot going for it.
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