The Demarcation of Jack

Dana Bennett; Blakely Bennett
The Demarcation of Jack
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Release Date
November 2013
Book 1 of Fractured Fidelities Trilogy
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance

Jack and Jenna embark on a trip to the beautiful tropical island of Jamaica with hopes of rekindling the romance in their marriage. Jack, a successful sculptor, loves their life together, but Jenna must reconcile the anger that has accumulated during their relationship if they are to find the love they once shared.

Jack, taking advantage of a resort offer, invites another married couple, Marcus and Summer, to join them. Jenna unwittingly finds herself sexually charged by Marc who offers her advice and support concerning the problems in her marriage.

Flirtations continue to build between the couples, which initially frighten Jenna, however Jack finds the potential opportunity to have sex with Summer quite appealing. Will Jack's tunnel vision have negative consequences?

Jack and Jenna's poignant journey encompasses the real and comedic moments of life. This provocative page-turning romance will keep you on the edge of your seat till the last moment!

Fractured Fidelities Trilogy Book 1

Book Review by Delta (reviewer)
Sep 26, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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In case you don't already know (which I didn't), demarcation is defined as "the determining and marking off of the boundaries of something." Well, this book definitely pushed the boundaries of all the players when it comes to love and marriage vows.

Jack and Jenna Harper are at a crossroads in their marriage. Though Jenna was hoping that their trip to Jamaica would be a good place to start trying to fix what's broken, her husband royally effed up by inviting another couple to join them on the trip. Furious, Jenna tries to suck it up and make nice with Marc and Summer Beckum; it's really not their fault her husband is a giant douche.

Jack misses Jenna's easy smiles and playful adoration, two things that have been missing from his beautiful wife lately. He knows she's dissatisfied but doesn't know how to make it better, and he'll do whatever he can to do so. His wild and free artist personality used to be what drew Jenna to him, now it seems to be driving her away.

As Jenna gets to know former psychologist Marc, she winds up asking herself some tough questions about her marriage and herself. The more time Jenna spends with Marc and Summer, the more she's attracted to the couple's clear love for one another. When she and Jack learn that the Beckums have an open marriage and they're very interested in them, the initial shock turns to fascination and ultimately arousal. Suddenly Jenna is feeling more alive than she's felt in years and more in love with Jack than ever.

Jack would be crazy not to want Summer; she's gorgeous and fun loving and looks pretty damn flexible in those yoga poses. But what's good for the goose isn't necessarily good for the gander, and as talk turns to action and sharing his wife with another man may sound hot in theory, the truth might be much more than Jack can handle.

THE DEMARCATION OF JACK is the first book in the Fractured Fidelities Trilogy by the husband and wife writing team Dana and Blakely Bennett. I immediately felt a kinship to Jenna after Jack was so stupidly thoughtless as to invite another couple on their romantic vacation they're going on in an attempt to salvage their marriage. I could totally see women all over the world scowling at his idiocy! Additionally, I could relate to Jenna's frustration about the woman she's become, wishing that she was able to be loose and free and happy like she used to be when she and Jack met. After awhile though, her waffling on her feelings toward EVERYTHING made me insane with anger.

Jack drove me nuts, but I could also identify with his free-spirited identity and love for his wife. He's completely clueless about how his childlike attitude affects them both, and the poignant turn-about in THE DEMARCATION OF JACK comes when he realizes that a loosened up and sexually free marriage may not exactly be what he wants.

I loathed Summer, I mean I REALLY hated her. She has no shame and completely hits on Jack constantly, even telling Marc at one point that it's not her responsibility to stay away from him based on what may or may not happen in his marriage. I love the polyamorous/open marriage concept and think that communication is always key, but I don't get how Marc can get on board with his wife's "do what I want and damn the consequences to anyone else" attitude. Now Marc, that's a liberated man right there. Sexy and open and willing to love, he gives so much of himself to everyone around him. I am totally team Marc, but only if smarmy Summer were out of the picture.

This book features LOTS of dialogue, in fact at times it really read more like a screenplay than a novel. While it wasn't bad, I would've appreciated less jumping around of perspective. It's so hard to follow when perspectives change frequently, often within the same paragraph.

Overall, THE DEMARCATION OF JACK definitely gave me the feels, and I went from annoyance to arousal to anger and finally to disbelief as the book leaves the reader with a crazy cliffhanger ending. I'm desperate for the next book in this trilogy!
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