Kathryn Kelly
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Release Date
June 2014
Book 4 of Death Dwellers MC
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance

John "Johnnie" Donovan is determined to make his relationship work with Kendall Miller, the attorney he met during his cousin's birthday party. Before he can move on with his future, however, he still has loose ends to tie up from the past in the person of a rival MC's president who is also Kendall's ex-boyfriend. As Johnnie tries to balance his club life and personal life, another tragedy forces him to make a choice between the two. Will Johnnie be able to live with the choices he makes?
Kendall Miller is trying to pick up the pieces of her life in the wake of her ex-boyfriend's assault. She's ready to move on with her life and the man of her dreams, the sexy VP of the Death Dwellers MC. She demands his complete attention and isn't willing to share her man with all the baggage of the MC. She doesn't want to be an afterthought to him nor does she want to live her life in the midst of the clubhouse, especially with the competition taking place between Kendall and the club president's wife. Then, catastrophe strikes and Kendall's life is once again altered. Can she and Johnnie have a future together or has their love been doomed from the beginning?

Book Review by BJ (reviewer)
Sep 12, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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This is the fourth book I have read in the Death Dwellers MC series. If you're looking for a dark, gritty motorcycle club series, then look no further. Misled and Misappropriate, the first two books in the series, in particular, which primarily focus on the romantic relationship between Christopher, the Club's President, and Megan, while laying the framework for the MC dynamics, are spectacular, and should not be missed by MC romance lovers.

While I love this series and plan on reading the two new books coming out later this year, Misbehavior (Val and Zoann's story) and Misguided (Mortician and Bailey's story), Kendall is my least favorite heroine of the entire series. Her immense insecurity and jealousy make her a very difficult character to like, particularly when many of these traits are aimed directly at Megan, a heroine who has won my heart and most of the MC members' hearts. Nonetheless, this is a series that really needs to be read in order. Not only is the hero's and heroine's relationship explained in the immediately preceding book (Misunderstood), but this book actually continues to contain quite a bit of Christopher's and Megan's continuing developing relationship, as well as developments in the two couples whose books are coming out after this. I found these aspects of the other relationships overall to be more enjoyable than Johnnie and Kendall's story. Additionally, it is worth noting that Kendall's character does in the end evolve towards a more positive direction. So don't despair, there is definitely logic to her extreme nature.

In Misunderstood, John "Johnnie" Donovan makes a commitment to make his relationship with Kendall work after learning that she is pregnant with his baby. Although at the beginning of this book, Kendall's status as Johnnie's "old lady" is definitely determined, her standing and how she fits in the Club is anything but a sure thing. A large part of that equation is Megan and whether or not she will accept Kendall, especially given that on the night Kendall met Johnnie, she first attempted to seduce Christopher. Further complicating matters is Kendall's need to have Johnnie all to herself. Her insecurity and jealousy is so profound that she wants Johnnie to patch out of the MC. As if these were not enough obstacles to their fragile relationship, her ex-boyfriend who is a member of a rival gang, and who physically and sexually abused her, remains on the loose and determined to hurt Kendall. With all these obstacles in the way, do Johnnie and Kendall have any chance for a HEA or are they doomed to heartache?

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of MISDEEDS is the political aspect of the old ladies' interactions and their effect on club life. Kathryn Kelly does a great job of highlighting this undoubtedly important social dynamic of MC life, that is frequently is overlooked in MC romances, no doubt due to space limitations. The fact that this entire series focuses on a set of defined characters that have evolved over a number of books helps lay the setting for this interesting case study. MISDEEDS also does an amazing job of driving home an important lesson: when jealousy is at the forefront, nobody wins. The old adage "united we stand and divided we fall" is a great analogy for club life and MISDEEDS does an amazing job of exemplifying it.

All in all, MISDEEDS is an enjoyable read, but definitely should only be read after the preceding books in the series, which in turn, should be read in the following order: (1) Misled, (2) Misappropriate, and (3) Misunderstood. Given the prior characters' development, and unraveling of past secrets detailed in these predecessors, these books are an essential read for a complete understanding of the present day group and couple dynamics of the Death Dwellers' MC.
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