A Princess Bound: Naughty Fairy Tales for Women

Kristina Wright
A Princess Bound: Naughty Fairy Tales for Women
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Cleis Press
Release Date
May 2014
Erotic Romance, Fantasy Romance

Face it, fairy tales were always kind of kinky: from beautiful queens tied up in knots by wicked sorcerers to a wide variety of naughty and nice scenarios. Someone was always getting tied to a bed! In this new anthology of erotic romance fairy tales from the editor of the best-selling Fairy Tale Lust and Lustfully Ever After, the fairy tales are naughtier and have a BDSM twist. Retellings of the classics are joined with clever original tales, making for a darkly sensual and intensely romantic collection. Cathy Yardley, author of Crave: The Seduction of Snow White, introduces this compilation of enticing out-of-this-world erotic romance.

Book Review by Delta (reviewer)
Oct 11, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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PRINCESS BOUND: NAUGHTY FAIRY TALES FOR WOMEN is a collection of short erotic stories with a BDSM bent by 17 different authors and pulled together and edited by Kristina Wright. The stories and authors are listed below:

Sealed - Laila Blake
A man marries a seal shifter but doesn't throw away her pelt like she tells him to. This doesn't bode well for their marriage.

In the Palace of Gods and Monsters - Michelle Augello-Page
A princess defies her husband and must endure his punishment.

The Dancing Princess - Elizabeth L. Brooks
Given to a commoner, this princess learns that her soldier who was so rough with her in the realm where she danced can turn his spankings into something much more desirable.

The Smith Under the Hill - Kathleen Tudor
A Renaissance fair turns one gypsy woman's life upside down when she has to free her brother from the Fae who stole him. But once she's there, will she leave?

The Seven Ravens - Ariel Graham
Cecily's father cursed his best friend's family. Twenty-four years later, a man shows up claiming to he her father's BFF, and Cecily must go through seven trials to help her free the seven ravens her father cursed.

Black of Knight - Victoria Blisse
A princess kidnapped and raised by a dragon must learn to live in a palace after being brought back to the human world.

The Silence of Swans - Kannan Feng
A swan in human form cannot speak, but she can tell her lover the king how much she loves him with her erotic wails of pleasure.

The King's Cousin - Catherine Paulssen
Betrothed to a neighboring king, this princess finds herself aroused by his beautiful yet steely female cousin instead.

Need and Permission - Benjamin Creek
A wife laments her husband's lack of the rough play that made up their early relationship. She takes out her frustration by journaling, but what happens when her husband reads what his wife REALLY wants from him?

Locks - Tahira Iqbal
Zealots are after the princess, a descendant of Rapunzel, for her hair. Her sexy protector does way more than keep her safe.

Out of the Waves - Rose de Fer
A mermaid falls in love with a man, leaving the water and gaining human legs. What does the man have in store for her when he catches her in his fishing net?

Your Wish - L.C. Spoering
A genie is desperately in love with her master, but will he love her back enough to keep her forever with his final wish?

Thorn King - Jane Gilbert
Running through the woods at night probably wasn't a good idea, but it's not so bad when the Thorn King comes out to play with her.

The Witch's Servant - Michael M. Jones
The princess has been held captive and under the spell of a not so wicked witch who meant to teach her a lesson. Will she ever allow her captured princess to leave...and does she even want to?

Mine Until Dawn - Valerie Alexander
The last in a long line of witches casts a spell to make her boss hers for the night. But what happens when the sun comes up?

Red and the Big Bad Wolf - Poetic Desires
An unruly princess must battle her way to visit the witch in the woods, just as Wolfe is sent to kill the witch. Both are unaware that their missions were planned by the Mage herself.

The Last Duchess - Kristina Wright
Faking her death to escape her abusive husband, a duchess seeks asylum with a shape-shifting wizard who makes all her dreams come true.

PRINCESS BOUND: NAUGHTY FAIRY TALES FOR WOMEN really didn't do it for me. I found several of the stories simply too bizarre or confusing for my taste in erotica, like Sealed, The Smith Under the Hill, and Out of the Waves. There were quite a few that I did enjoy, my favorites being Locks, The Witch's Servant, Mine Until Dawn, and Red and the Big Bad Wolf, but the majority just weren't my cup of tea.

Overall, the book did flow nicely, the stories all complementing each other with a definite, sometimes slightly uncomfortable, BDSM theme. From mermaids to seals, from witches to wizards, there's something for all fantasy lovers in PRINCESS BOUND: NAUGHTY FAIRY TALES FOR WOMEN.
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