Engaged to Deception

La'Nique Stephens
Engaged to Deception


Independent Publishing Platform
Release Date
July 2014
Erotic Romance, Romantic Suspense/Mystery

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Tangled in a web of obsessed mistresses and sweet-talking lovers, two people must decide if they are truly meant to be together. When temptation crosses his path, Jeremy cannot help giving in to his desires. Sadly, his intense appetite puts his relationship with Remedy at risk - along with her life. Taunting phone calls from Jeremy's mistresses keep Remedy up at night. Life becomes even more complicated when Remedy's old crush comes to town with hidden intentions. When Remedy becomes pregnant, Jeremy's mistress becomes determined to end his engagement by any means necessary. Each steamy affair results in another hostel altercations. Not even the words "I love you" can sweeten the bitter taste of their countless lies.
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