Melt For Him

Lauren Blakely
Melt For Him
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Entangled Brazen
Release Date
September 2014
Book 2 of Fighting Fire
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance

He knows exactly how to make her burn…

Fire captain and bar owner Becker Thomas usually spends his nights alone, trying to escape painful memories from his past. When he meets a sexy, free-spirited brunette outside his bar, he knows he's found the perfect way to forget for one night. But when he later discovers the woman he's itching for another night with is his best friend's sister, everything comes to a halt.

Just out of a toxic relationship, Megan Jansen is only in Hidden Oaks to visit her brother, photograph the firemen's calendar, and then slip off to another adventure. The brooding man who gave her the best sex ever is an unexpected surprise. The problem is, he's her brother's friend and a fellow fireman, and Megan's rule is no firemen. She knows she's going to get burned …but keeping their hands off each other is easier said than done.

Book Review by BJ (reviewer)
Sep 19, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Lovers of super steamy romances with great messages will not want to miss MELT FOR HIM by Lauren Blakely. While the plot can be easily summarized (when an intense physical connection inspires hope to give more a try, two individuals who have suffered devastating losses learn that love can heal all), the path to that realization is so tantalizing and promising that MELT FOR HIM will leave you panting for more of the Fighting Fire series!

Although this is the second story in the Fighting Fire series, MELT FOR HIM works well as a standalone as each book focuses on a different fireman of the Hidden Oaks Volunteer Fire Department and his love interest. So if you haven't read Book 1, Burn for Me, don't let that stop you from reading MELT FOR HIM.

Becker Thomas, the fire captain and a bar owner, still suffers from the grief of loss. Although he moved to Hidden Oaks over a year ago, the demons that chased him out of his prior hometown still haunt him. Then one night he meets a sexy, intriguing brunette outside of his bar. Claiming to just be passing through town, Becker sees no reason to deny their mutual need to revel in each other for just one night. If nothing else, she will distract him from his regrets for at least one night.

Just as he discovers he would like more, he finds out that Megan Jansen was a little less than forthcoming about her past. As it turns out, she is his best friend's little sister. A woman who is definitely off limits to him. A hard limit that his best friend makes no qualms about reiterating when he sees how Becker is eyeing Megan.

Megan, in turn, is equally shocked to find out that her brother not only knows Becker, but is also a fellow fireman on her brother's fire department. Her number one rule is that she doesn't date fireman or men in any dangerous profession for that matter. No way will she put herself in the way of danger again. So she vows to finish what she came to town to do: photograph the fire department for their yearly calendar and then move on to Portland where she plans to apprentice with a tattoo shop as a tattoo artist.

Their attraction, however, will not be denied, and soon Becker and Megan find themselves struggling not just with Megan's brother's wishes, but also with their own hard limits, deepest fears and with the futures they had envisioned for themselves.

There are certain elements I expect in a romance, including a good love story and steamy passion-filled chemistry. MELT FOR HIM met these requirements and more. The best part for me was the beautiful message that many people looking for love are quick to forget: in order to experience love, one must be willing to put their heart on the line and thereby possibly get hurt in the process. If you're emotionally unavailable to prevent yourself from getting hurt, then you also deprive yourself of finding the best and highest possible form pleasure: true love. Thank you Lauren Blakely for this inspiring story!
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Book Review by Delta (reviewer)
Oct 22, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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How hot does a book have to be to get my own firefighter to stop and check on me?

Microbrewery owner and volunteer fireman Becker Thomas just needs a minute to breathe; instead, he encounters a free-spirited woman in the alley behind his bar. Megan Jansen has made a pit stop in Hidden Oaks as a favor to her brother to photograph the charity fireman's calendar, and who says she can't indulge in a little semi-anonymous sex while she's here? Megan's off to the next adventure when she's finished, and after extricating herself from a bad relationship, she's eager to be her own woman.

The two spend a "call the fire department" night together, but in the light of day, Becker finds out that his mystery woman is none other than his friend's sister. As much as her brother Travis wants her to stay away from Becker, the two are like magnets constantly being drawn to one another as if by force. Megan's sworn never to get involved with a fireman, something she's lived by since losing her own father on the job when she was a small child. Even though the two are falling hard and fast, with Becker's demons and Megan's vows, will they ever have a fighting chance to make it as a couple?

MELT FOR HIM is book 2 in the Fighting Fire series about a group of sinfully hot firefighters. This book features chief Becker and Megan's story, where one night of anonymous sex leads to so much more in the light of day. I adored free-spirited Megan, her outlook on life and love and willingness to travel where the road took her just really endeared me to her. I also appreciated that she was comfortable in her own skin, she didn't shy away from Becker's obvious lust for her on day one, and even though she was leaving to train as a tattoo artist shortly, she really went "all in" with him.

Becker had some demons from a fire in Chicago that kept his walls built for a long time, but the artistic wanderer Megan totally breached them from the minute he watched her de-bra in his back alley. I adored them together and Becker's soft-spoken dominance just really did it for me. The erotic sex scenes (especially the photo shoot one...ohhhhh yea!) were incredibly hot and drool worthy. The two of them were so honest with one another, with both their passions and their desires. It was refreshing to read a book without all of the "does he like me as much as I like him?" or "she only thinks of me in terms of sex and I want more" issues that plague so many romance novels. I can't wait for more in this terrific series!
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