Saving McCade

Angela Claire
Saving McCade
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Release Date
January 2011
Erotic Romance

[Siren Classic: Erotic Contemporary Romantic Suspense]

What more could an innocent man behind bars want but a conjugal visit from a sexy stranger? A get out of jail free card, maybe?

Undercover agent Meredith DeView is offering Steve McCade a deal: work with her in a secluded safe house to crack the smuggling ring at his old tech company, and the FBI will guarantee he never has to return to prison.

Sounds good...if he can only keep his hands off the hot agent who's rescued him.

Meredith is sex and salvation all wrapped up in one for McCade, but there's a dark truth that's driven her to seek him out. By getting him to the safe house, Meredith ensures that McCade goes free, even if she never comes clean.

When McCade finally learns the truth, will he hate Meredith, or will the truth set them both free?

Book Review by Michelle R
Mar 19, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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SAVING MCCADE is a quick fun mystery. Cleverly written, it will leave you asking for more.

If you look at SAVING MCCADE objectively, it is a romance. Much of the text is devoted to establishing and building a connection between the two main characters. But for some reason, it really read more like a mystery to me. Maybe I just found my desire to figure out who the bad guys were more dominant. The author really hooked me into the need to know from the start.

Early on in the book, there was a flashback that was perfectly timed and executed. I am not a believer in the use of flashbacks and tend to think that if employed, a paragraph or two is sufficient, certainly not a whole chapter. But the author's effective use of literary techniques did make the story flow in a more intriguing way.

When we first meet Meredith and McCade, the stage is being set. She is at the prison where McCade is being held. She is dressed as a prostitute who has come to McCade for a conjugal visit, when in reality she is an FBI agent sent to offer McCade a deal--his freedom for his help.

That initial scene between the two in the prison brings up all kinds of questions. Why is he there? Why is she so sure he is innocent? And where does he recognize her from?

Then we are swept back in time to learn the answers to those questions and of course unleash a dozen new ones for us to ponder. Wickedly cool! If she'd started with this as a prologue, I think it would have sounded like ‘yada yada…' But by having us wanting the answers and then flashing back, each nugget of information was a treat we wanted to have.

Now, by the time we get back to present day and Mr. McCade is released into Meredith and her partner Vic's custody, and the book is 56% over. Hmm. I have to say, this is where it felt like the story was beginning. Up until this point, all my time was invested in story set up, and now I am ready to rock and roll, so it seemed odd that the book was over half way finished.

When they did come together, it disturbed me. The author had done a fine job of creating sexual tension that I wanted relief from, but when it came, it felt almost like it was non-consensual. It wasn't. He makes a point of asking her permission multiple times, but still there are events in the foreplay that rattled me and made me like him a whole lot less than I had. In fact, I lost respect for her as well which left me not caring about how the story ended.

This is one of those novellas that I really wanted more from. For me it just didn't seem complete and fleshed out as well as the great plot line that inspired me to pick it up. However, Meredith and McCade are two very interesting characters in a unique situation. Expect to be surprised at the end. I had clues but I definitely didn't see that one coming. Mystery readers who like to have lots of romance in their story and are short on time need to check this one out. Enjoy!
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