J.A. Huss
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Science Future Press
Release Date
September 2014
Book 2 of Social Media
BDSM, Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance


Vaughn Asher. I've stalked him relentlessly. I shaped and formed my lust into the perfect dirty after day...weekend after weekend. He was my prince. My fairy tale. My fantasy.

I gave him the best years of my online life and what did he do for me?

Ruined my social media experience one tweet at a time. That's what.

#Fantastic #BackToNatureFucking #MissingSomething #You

And now #TheDickWhoIsVaughnAsher thinks he can weasel his way back into this filthy blue bird's Twitter account? He's wrong.

His public fantasy is about to collide...ah, fuck it. He's hot as hell, bitches. I need more than a free sample. This time I want it all and I'll do whatever it takes to get it.

Book Review by BJ (reviewer)
Sep 26, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Wow, I will never be able to think of social media the same way! Be careful what you tweet, or you just may find yourself with a sexy superstar who wants to introduce you to the world of submission, and he is not the type to take "no" for an answer or let you run away! That's the lesson that Grace Kinsella is learning in LIKE.

LIKE picks up where Follow ends. Grace Kinsella, aka "FilthyBlueBird" to the Twitter universe, has just arrived home to discover that super movie star Vaughn Asher is taking his fight to dominate her over to the public Twitter realm.

Wanting to keep their affair at the exclusive resort where they met private, Grace is torn between her desire to keep the arrogant, bossy Vaughn Asher a subject of her fantasies, and her need to both salvage her filthy queen twitter status and her traitorous body's need to sample more than just a freebie from "Mr. Asher", who has been the object of her obsession for years. But can she bear to let him use and humiliate her like he seems intent to do? Asher, in turn, is even more determined to both teach Grace a lesson and make her his in every dirty way his particular tastes require. Whose will and discipline will prove stronger?

If it's even possible, LIKE is even hotter than Follow. What an imagination J.A. Huss has! Moreover, what she is accomplishing in Follow, appeared impossible: humanizing Asher. What you learn in LIKE about Asher's life, and how he takes care of those he considers "his", will start warming both your and Grace's heart. Yet his desire and crude way of distilling what he is seeking from Grace will keep you and Grace debating as to whether he is worth the bother.

So looking forward to Block, part three of the Social Media six-part serial novella. With all the twists and turns this plot has taken already, I can't wait to see where J.A. Huss takes us next!
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