Hurt Me, Heal Me

Sayara St. Clair
Hurt Me, Heal Me
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Sayara St. Clair
Release Date
March 2017
Book 1 of Dante's Purgatory
BDSM, Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance

Dante's Purgatory, Book One

After the death of her Master, Caitlin Bennett discovers years of sadistic cruelty at his hands have made her a slave to pain. To orgasm, Caitlin needs the type of extreme agony few responsible Doms are willing to inflict, especially Doms like Paul Nelson.

Offering nearly everything she craves, Paul's perfect—except for his aversion to the whip.
Paul refuses to hurt Caitlin, instead attempting to retrain her with patience and trust. But the longer she suffers from a lack of release, the more she's convinced her mind and body are irrevocably conditioned. And Paul has precious little time to convince her otherwise. Waiting in the wings is a newbie Dom determined to have Caitlin for his own…who's learning the whip just for her.

Caitlin will soon have to choose—the man who can give her what she wants? Or the man who can give her what she needs?

Inside Scoop: Caitlin recalls scenes of abuse that could disturb the more tenderhearted.

(This book was originally published in 2014 with a different cover)

Book Review by Jennifer Smaldone Bosco (reviewer)
Nov 01, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Really great read.

Left alone in the world after the death of her parents and then the sudden death of her Master, Caitlin Bennett is left helpless and lost. She endured years of sadistic cruelty at the hands of a man she thought was her friend. Instead, he used her for his own pleasure, abusing her and causing her excruciating pain. He trains her to bend to his every whim, uses her body and nearly breaks her soul. She believes the only way she can orgasm is through extreme pain. Not many Doms are willing to inflict the pain that Caitlin needs. She is walking around in agony, at times in a state of constant arousal.

Then one night she goes to a sex club, desperate to find a Dom who will help her get released. She meets Paul Nelson and immediately she feels a strong connection to the blond Adonis. Paul is immediately attracted to the petite brunette he spots one night at the BDSM club he frequents. He finally sees in her the woman he could spend the rest of his life with. An innocence behind pain-filled eyes. But she keeps running from him and he is determined to find out why. Paul will prove to Caitlin he can give her what she needs if she would only learn to trust him completely.

This was a really heartbreaking story. Caitlin suffers at the hands of a sadistic abuser. Paul having had a terrible accident in his past that left him feeling a punishing guilt. Caitlin recalls many scenes of cruelty so if you have a problem with reading about abuse, this is not the book or you. I found Caitlin's story so sad, as Ivan her "Master" abused her physically and emotionally. When she meets Paul, he seems so wonderful and perfect, too much for Caitlin. If he finds out that she is a freak who needs extreme pain in order to have orgasms, he won't want her.

She finds out quickly that Paul wants to do just the opposite. He wants to teach her that she can find her release with him, with his love and her trust in him. I thought it was so touching that Paul wanted to find a better way to give Caitlin release without hurting her physically.

The love these two people showed for each other was at times passionate and steaming hot. The BDSM and sex scenes were well written. At times the book was sweet and endearing. In the mood for a book that will grip you from the first chapter and keep your attention through the last page? Then this is the book for you.
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