Cassie and the Candy Shop

Ophelia Moore
Cassie and the Candy Shop


Release Date
June 2014
Contemporary Romance, Fantasy Romance, LGBTQ, Ménage or more


Cassie has been having a rough time lately. Her friend Jess is prepared to do anything to help her succeed. Cassie has a chance to learn that sometimes the deepest love, can turn from friendship into something more. Together, they pour their hearts into getting her a shot a working for Maku, the biggest and best chocolate emporium in town. With Will at the head of the company, can they win him over to give Cassie a chance?

"Will handed Jess and Cassie each a murky coloured liquid in a wafer thin teacup. "Hope you enjoy" he whispered. Jess sipped and it was a soft peaches and cream flavour that tingled on her tongue. Cassie drank up "I can taste chocolate and licorice"
If you want it to be, it is. They are a new invention we have been working on, love potions if you will, powerful aphrodisiacs. Cassie could feel the heat of the tea in the back of her throat and on her tongue and lips. It snaked its way down her body and rested firmly between her legs, loitering and tingling there."

For a mature audience only, contains explicit scenes of lesbian, threesome, bisexual sex.


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