Wicked Wager Among Friends

Cassandre Dayne
Wicked Wager Among Friends


Rebel Ink Press
Release Date
April 2011
Book 1 of Tales From Lucifer's Lair
BDSM, Erotic Romance, LGBTQ, Ménage or more

Veronica Spelling was used to getting what she wanted, but not with men. She had long desired her best friend, Travis Hunter, for years. Golden, masculine and perfect, her mouth watered for him. And while they had admitted their kinky proclivities over long nights and tasty margaritas, he had never indulged. So she decided to take matters into her own hands and kick up the heat one wild night, suggesting a wicked little wager of pool. The prize? If she ended up the winner then she would receive her most heavenly desired wish, to be taken in the ass by a man for the first time. If he did, then she would become his sex slave for twenty-four luscious hours.

The only problem? He was decidedly gay, had only been with a woman once and was in a casual relationship with their mutual friend, Jonathan. Then there was that itching little problem of whether he could get it up or not. Against the odds, Travis finally determined his true feelings about the luscious vixen and won the bet. During those twenty-four hours, he fulfilled her most erotic fantasies. As morning dawned and reality set in, the question about Jonathan's acceptance settled into their reality, and Veronica was left with a haunted feeling. Unsure of what to say, they left each other without further words. Could their combined friendship survive the blatant sensual act or would their entire world be turned upside down forever?

Email: cassandre@cassandredayne.com

BOOK INTERVIEW on April 2011
Cassandre, it's a pleasure to have you here to give us the inside scoop on your book!

Q: I understand WICKED WAGER AMONG FRIENDS is part of the series Tales from Lucifer's Lair. What an interesting series name! Please give us an overview of the series and where did you get the idea for it?

Tales from Lucifer's Lair started because of a series I am writing as another girl, Dakotah Black, about campy murder mystery happenings in a fictional community association called Leopard's Pointe. The Flamingo Rustler is the local bar and restaurant and Lucifer's Lair is the man cave section of the bar created for the cunning and talented chef and in homage to the bar owner, Aussie Mick St. Simon's grandfather. He was a Harley ridin' man that had many a story to tell. Lucifer's Lair is a darkened slice of the bar where all things wicked can happen. I tell tales of people that meet and "get" to know each other better in the restaurant and in the Lair.

Q: Please tell us about WICKED WAGER AMONG FRIENDS.

Veronica is a perky, intelligent girl and adores her best friend, Travis. They have been friends for years, enjoying everything from football games to cookouts, but they have never crossed the line into being intimate. He is also the only man that knows all of her kinky sexual desires. They have teased each other over the years about their attraction to years other, but that's as far as it ever went.

While she is completely aware that he is bisexual and in a casual relationship with another friend, Jonathan, she decides to kick up the heat in their relationship and give him a wager one night in Lucifer's Lair with a naughty game of pool. If he wins, then she will become his sex slave for twenty-four hours, and if she does, he will fulfill her kinkiest sexual desire. What she isn't aware of is that Travis hasn't been completely honest about his sexuality. He has never been with a woman.

Q: Oooh, fascinating. What can you tell us about Veronica Spelling that would make us understand her better?

She is highly intelligent and cares for her friends deeply. Hurt in the past by boyfriends that she could never trust enough to divulge her secret fantasies, she gives up on men. Travis is the only one she can trust completely.

Q: What makes Travis Hunter a drool-worthy hero? What kind of man is he?

Travis is honest, caring and would give you the shirt off his back. He is also a golden haired sexy guy with dazzling cerulean blue eyes and a smile that would stop traffic. A hopeless romantic, he is sensual yet enjoys a touch of the darker side of passion.

Q: What makes them best friends?

They have shared everything together, including difficult times with family, the loss of jobs, cookouts and football games and they trust each other implicitly. There is nothing either wouldn't do for the other.

Q: Which of the characters was the most difficult to write? Why?

Well, in truth, I would have to say Travis. I wanted to make sure and portray him as a hunky guy that cared for Veronica deeply, but also has deep-seated feelings for Jonathan. While he was shocked that she offered the wager, feelings were awakened, yet he didn't think that he could offer her what she needed. He was terrified of destroying the relationship. I wanted to make sure I showed all sides of the man and why he allowed the relationship with her to take another step.

Q: Please share a favourite line of exchange or scene in the story.

I have to give you the set up scene to the wager. I warn you, it's a touch "X" rated.

Veronica was used to getting everything she wanted, in business that is, but not necessarily in men. Tonight, she hoped that would change. By day, she was a high well-respected accountant and by night, a vixen in disguise. The sinful thought gave her a quiver.

"Hmmm, let me give this some thought. Oh! I know! If I make the shot, then you personally get to be the very first guy that fucks me in the ass. And if you make the shot, then I'll be your sex slave and do anything...you...want...me...to do...for...one...entire day...and night. Oh, and I do mean anything."

She knew what he craved, wild and very kinky. He was heavily into S & M and had generally been the top in his relationships. But lately, something had seemed amiss, which was one reason she had garnered her nerves to attempt something so blatantly shameless.

The crisp mahogany liquid spewed out of his mouth so fast that he gagged from the sudden flow. A solid stream of the cold liquor trickled in tiny beads across her cheek and down her almost transparent thin white shirt, forcing him to gasp and Veronica to shiver.

Q: That's certainly hot! What is the most romantic thing that Travis did for Veronica?

Well, the story only alludes to the romantic sections of their lives, but I think when he gives her more than her fantasy, making sure that trust and caring is the number one aspect of their playtime.

Q: If Veronica and Travis were to have a theme song, what would it be?

Well, I would have to say Naughty Naughty by John Parr – because they started with a wager that was bold and bodacious and not only did sparks fly but…they entered into something saucy and wicked.

Q: Please share with us a unique or fun experience as you wrote this book.

Well, the Pinked Series – about the association – had been in the works for 18 months and my husband and I have everything from recipes and sayings for shirts that I have produced, but we have made the fictional bar a really happening place. When I created the naughty section, we did an entirely new series of shirts for the Lair and I took them to a conference recently and they turned out to be my biggest seller. Now people want to know more about Lucifer's Lair. I never knew crossing over could be so much fun!

Q: What's up for you in the coming months?

I have ten other novellas to novel lengths coming out with Rebel Ink Press including the newest in the series involving Lucifer's Lair called RIDE THE WILD PONY.

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