The Secret

Hollie Bowrie
The Secret


Amazon Digital Media
Release Date
December 2013

At fifty years old and being the ‘kingpin' of the family she adores, Susan's life seems pretty well ordered and content; well, almost. There is however one thing troubling her; her son, Danny.

Convinced that Danny has a secret he is not sharing with her and certain that she knows what it is he is not telling her, the time has come for Susan to decide whether she is willing to confront her son head-on … and in so doing, perhaps risk losing him forever should Danny react badly to his mother's probing. On the other hand, Susan feels she only has half of her son now …

A chance meeting on a cliff top with the young and affable Cal is sufficient for Susan to make up her mind; after all, isn't it possible that this mountain which she thinks is separating her from Danny, could in reality turn out to be little more than a molehill?

And as Cal says, whatever happens, at least Danny will know that his mother loved him enough to take the gamble ... regardless of which way the dice might fall.


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