When the Bough Breaks - Part One - Spring

Hollie Bowrie
When the Bough Breaks - Part One - Spring


Amazon Digital Media
Release Date
December 2013

Having reached the end of his National Service and finally on his way home to England after two years in Singapore, twenty-one year old Lance Corporal Rupert Dansbury has but two things on his mind; to finally be able to enter Cambridge and begin the Law degree National Service forced him to put on hold and to return to the warm and loving arms of the love of his life whom he had to leave behind.

Rupert Dansbury however is not just anybody and he has fallen in love with the one person he cannot have. Whilst his family may be willing to indulge what they consider to be his whim to study Law rather than return to begin his formal training in running the family Estate, they have very different views when it comes to marriage and whether he likes it or not, remaining single is not an option. His bride has already been chosen and Rupert is expected to do his duty.

Unable to marry the one he loves if he is to keep their love alive then Rupert must take action. Desperate men do desperate things and Rupert is desperate enough to risk anything.


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