The Runner - Part One - Nicky's Story

Hollie Bowrie
The Runner - Part One - Nicky's Story


Amazon Digital Media
Release Date
April 2014

Already a successful TV presenter for a home shopping channel and with fan mail arriving for him daily from his adoring public, when Executive Producer, Lou offers him the dream job, it seems that thirty-one year old Nicky Ashton has it all. However, his private life couldn't be any less serene than that of his public one.

Rejected by his family for his marriage to Carrie failing when he finally admits to having been living in the proverbial ‘closet', Nicky's had a tough and turbulent few years … and it isn't getting any better with boyfriend Mike seeming to view Nicky as a possession, rather than a man to be loved and cherished. Furthermore, Mike certainly doesn't want Nicky to have any more success in his career than he already has; in fact what Mike wants is just the opposite; he's determined that Nicky will leave it all behind.

After three years' together, Nicky, growing ever more nervous of the previously hidden controlling persona of his boyfriend, has started to question just who the man is with whom he is sharing his life. Afraid to stay and even more afraid to leave, he's feeling trapped and unable to see a way out when he first sets eyes upon the young man on a London underground train; a young man whom Nicky suddenly seems to be seeing everywhere ...


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