Love of a Lioness

Sawyer Belle
Love of a Lioness


Sawyer Belle
Release Date
January 2014
Historical Romance

The Hundred Years' War has begun…

She roams the English Channel, striking from the shadows like a wraith, and the entire French navy is at risk. The Lioness is thirsty for the blood of her enemy: a traitorous knight responsible for the fall of a noble house in Brittany. As she captains her infamous Black Fleet in pursuit of revenge, a war rages within her own heart, for the piratess is the author of a great deception. She has rallied a king and a strong crew to her cause and captured the loyal heart of a hero. Is vengeance worth losing what she sees in his eyes and what she's found in his arms?

The moment she awoke under his protection he felt drawn to her in a way he could not trust or resist. She was deadly and dangerously beautiful, but she needed his sword. She lured him to the sea like a siren, and he vowed to protect her at all costs. When the truth comes to light in a sea of blood and lust, he is pinned between his love and his king. The knight's vow is put to the test, and he must make a sacrifice. He must decide whether his honor and courage can withstand all that is required to claim the Love of a Lioness.

From the court of England's king to the forests of France, they craft a danger greater than they could have known and bury their brothers where legends are made.


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