Roped and Ready

Marie Tuhart
Roped and Ready
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The Wild Rose Press
Release Date
February 2011
Book 1 of Quick Silver Ranch
Erotic Romance

Quick Silver Ranch is no ordinary dude ranch.

After Becca Dalton finds her fiancé in bed with her boss, she ends the ill-fated engagement on the spot and quits her job. She heads to Quick Silver Ranch, looking to regroup before an interview for the job of her dreams--an executive position at a five-star hotel.

Becca's best-laid plans are ruined when she discovers the exclusive ranch is for consenting couples who spend their days and nights exploring their most wicked sexual fantasies. For Becca to remain at the ranch and take advantage of all the arousing activities, she needs a partner.

Her sexy college lover and part owner of the ranch, Tyler Carson, is willing to break all the rules, partner up with Becca and have her roped and ready for a week of unimaginable pleasure. But is a week enough to satisfy his desire for Becca?

Book Review by Rebecca
Mar 09, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Marie Tuhart's Quick Silver Ranch: ROPED & READY is a deliciously erotic indulgence of one woman's sensual discovery. With a rich back story and strong characters, the reader takes the journey with Becca Dalton as she discovers her sexual fantasies and experiences the delights of self-determination.

The book starts with Becca finding her fiancé in bed with her boss. She instantly wins over readers with her strength when she ends her engagement and quits her job, determined to interview for the job of her dreams and move on. Having been given a trip by her friend as an engagement gift, Becca decides to use it as a time to get away and focus before her interview instead.

Quick Silver Ranch is no ordinary dude ranch, if only Becca had known that before she arrived. During the first group meal, Becca's learns the exclusive ranch is only for couples wishing to explore their most wicked sexual fantasies. She's embarrassed, planning to yell at her friend for not telling her, and ready to pack up and leave until Tyler steps in as her partner.

Tyler Carson, co-owner of the Quick Silver Ranch, was also Becca's college lover. She'd been surprised to see him caring for the horses when she first arrives and more surprised by her instant attraction for the man she hadn't seen in years. When Tyler is willing to break his rule not to partner up with guests, Becca embarks on her journey to discover her sensual side. And discover she does… through seminars and experimentation, Becca finds that she enjoys sex far more than she had thought. Ms Tuhart writes descriptive and erotic scenes that put the reader right into the page.

Even better still, the development of their love is built into the story so that it grows with each experiment and every scene. And as the week progresses, both Tyler and Becca begin thinking that one week at the ranch is not enough for them. Dreams of a future spiral inside each of them without sharing with one another their thoughts. In a true sign of love, Tyler chooses to remain silent rather than force Becca to choose between him and her dream job. Believing she is unworthy of Tyler's love, Becca accepts she must leave him behind. Until Tyler's business partner steps in with a solution, that is.

Lots and lots of descriptive sex scenes flow around a series of conversations that move the characters deeper into a relationship. Multi-dimensional and likable, Becca and Tyler are two people any reader may know in everyday life. Though I thought the title "Roped and Ready" misleading, the storyline itself was enjoyable and left me wondering if Tyler's business partner will get his HEA too.
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