By the Light of the Moon

Gabrielle Evans
By the Light of the Moon
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Siren Bookstrand
Release Date
February 2011
Book 2 of Moonlight Breed
Erotic Romance, LGBTQ, Paranormal Romance

Wildly flamboyant and proud of it, Keeton Taylor knows he's a bit much for most men. Logan is everything he's ever dreamed of in a partner, but learning they are destined mates throws him for a loop. Forever is a huge commitment.

Logan has spent years searching for his mate. He never imagined that fate would pick someone so perfect for him, though. His instant attraction to Keeton is more than just some shifter pheromone thing. It's love at first sight.

His ex-girlfriend has other plans for the cursed shifter though. An Arsidian Demon in her mating heat, she is hell-bent on having Logan as her own and eradicating the competition...Keeton. Can Logan save his new mate before the full moon, or will he lose his angel forever?

Book Review by Rebecca
Mar 05, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Yes! BY THE LIGHT OF THE MOON, the second book in the Moonlight Breed series, is just as strong as the first and continues along a solid storyline. Ms. Evans brings more fabulous characters into focus, revisiting previous characters and introducing a few new ones in this m/m shifter love story that bursts with love, humor and a smidge of suspense.

It's love at first sight when Logan and Keeton meet at a party. Unfortunately Logan has his girlfriend Mariah on his arm and is forced to control his instant attraction to Keeton. As a Moonlight Breed shifter, Logan has spent years searching for his mate and scents Keeton as his long-awaited mate. Certain Mariah isn't the one for him even before meeting Keeton and now compelled to claim Keeton, Logan breaks up with her that same night. Unfortunately she doesn't just go away and the suspense around her character keep readers flipping pages. As we uncover her story, we begin to uncover more of their preternatural world which is pieced together simply enough throughout the story to flow very naturally.

Believing at first that he's rid himself of Mariah, Logan is ready to claim Keeton but Keeton isn't quite so sure. When he learns they are destined mates, Keeton runs scared. He comes from a family that includes shifters and he is all too aware that being a mate means a lifetime commitment and he worries that the connection is only about Logan's shifter pheromones. It's not long before Keeton returns to Logan, unable to deny the attraction but he asks to take their relationship slowly. And while he refuses to let Logan claim him fully, slow is not how I would describe the progression of their relationship. Hot, definitely steamy and perhaps even wicked at times – but definitely not slow. There are some melt-in-your mouth worthy sex scenes in this book.

Logan and Keeton are the epitome of "opposites attract" and they couldn't be any more well-suited for one another. Wildly flamboyant Keeton has an over-the-top personality but once you know him, you can't help but love him. He was a standout secondary character in Leap of Faith and shines even more brightly taking the lead in his own romance. In the beginning of this book, the reader sees a more subdued side of Keeton until (thanks to Braxton) he discovers that he's special enough to allow his true personality to shine through.

And Logan adores everything about him, from his painted toes to his highlighted blonde hair. As the more dominant partner, Logan is still tender, gentle and protective of his mate who he refers to as "angel" and "baby" more often than using his name. They were a believable couple with realistic and fun dialogue that clearly illustrates their chemistry… hot, hot, hot.

As the couple falls in love, they are also forced to deal with Mariah who returns for Logan. Learning that she is an Arsidian Demon in her mating heat determined to kill Keeton and seduce Logan, Logan becomes ferociously protective of Keeton. At times, his protectiveness is laugh aloud funny, particularly Keeton's reactions to it, and other times poignant as it demonstrates his devotion to his mate. How they finally rid themselves of Mariah shows that family and love conquer all.

BY THE LIGHT OF THE MOON is a great book. At one point in the book, Keeton says he'd crawl inside [Logan's] skin if he could. That's how I felt about this book – I just wanted to crawl inside it and live with this fabulous, funny and loving family.
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