Bonds of Hope

Lynda Aicher
Bonds of Hope
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Carina Press
Release Date
September 2013
Book 4 of Wicked Play
BDSM, Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance

Quinn Andrews has a lot to learn about the world of BDSM. Once America's sweetheart, she has an opportunity to revive her career by playing a sexual submissive in a highly anticipated new series. Quinn is ready to throw herself into the role, and her hometown's premier sex club, The Den, is the ideal place for a crash course.

At first Marcus Reese is reluctant to take on Quinn's erotic education, despite his intense attraction to the stunning starlet. While she fulfills his every command perfectly, she's also a consummate actress—and Marcus is determined to uncover the real woman hidden behind the mask.

Quinn's been taking direction all her life, so submitting to a Dom comes easily. But it's not just the most amazing sex she's ever had—Marcus challenges her to define her own needs and make her own decisions. And when her training is over, Quinn will have to choose between continuing to play a part in her own life, or living by her own rules.

Book Review by Delta (reviewer)
Nov 17, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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A sexy celebritant meets a yummy Dom in BONDS OF HOPE, and as the sparks fly, so do the potential problems.

Quinn Andrews is used to being treated like the celeb she is, but at exclusive BDSM club The Den, she's just another submissive learning the ropes. Quinn has contracted with professional Dom and part-owner of the club, Marcus Reese, to teach her about the leather world to prepare her for an upcoming role. But what she winds up feeling for him is as far from acting as possible.

Marcus learned long ago to go with the flow, and he really wants to see where this strange attraction to Quinn leads, especially when she agrees to move from watching Scenes to participating in them. But despite their mutual attraction and the sure knowledge that this is something MORE, the possibility of the two of them being together is low. She's a high profile celebrity; he's a professional Dom. While it's a situation made in tabloid heaven, the real world is a bit more complicated for them.

BONDS OF HOPE is book 4 in the Wicked Play series, featuring the owners of exclusive BDSM club, The Den. In the previous book, Bonds of Desire, The Den was forced to close down for a few months. BONDS OF HOPE begins as the club reopens under a newly formed set of partners, including longtime employee Master Marcus. He's immediately struck by Quinn's feisty but natural submissive streak when she comes to him for training, and the chemistry the two of them display while she's learning the ropes was delicious.

Quinn doesn't understand why her body is enjoying the mild pain that Marcus inflicts, and her natural curiosity has her wanting to know the reasons behind her reactions. I found her naiveté refreshing. She genuinely wanted to understand why her body and mind were thinking two separate things. Her natural submissive streak is very attractive to Marcus, but realizing that that is her true nature actually gives her the courage to make her own decisions in the end. I had a hard time not giggling over the image of a sexy Marcus in a leather chest harness wielding a crop, which just screams cheesy gay porn to me, but what do I know?

I did love BONDS OF HOPE, and it is one of my favorites in the Wicked Play series.
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