Bonds of Courage

Lynda Aicher
Bonds of Courage
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Carina Press
Release Date
June 2014
Book 6 of Wicked Play
BDSM, Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance

Pro hockey player Holden Hauke has kept his sexual needs buried for years. After a near miss over a picture of him bound to a spanking bench resulted in a mid-season trade, he's kept his image clean. But with the season over, he's ready to surrender control. And he's found just the woman to help him--if only he can convince her to give him a chance.

Bending men to her will is nothing new for Vanessa Delcour, aka Mistress V--she's a full-time rep for pro athletes, a part-time owner of exclusive sex club The Den, and an experienced Domme. But when Holden Hauke comes looking for a discreet partner, Vanessa's concerned about his motives. Touching his training-toned body during a scene wouldn't exactly be a hardship, but taking him on crosses barriers between work and play that she's had in place for years.

From their first intense encounter in Mistress V's playroom, Hauke knows he can't let this chance slip away; he's found the woman he's always needed. Submissive or not, he's willing to push her every limit to prove how good they can be together.

Book Review by Delta (reviewer)
Nov 24, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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What woman hasn't wanted to whip their man at some point? Lucky Vanessa gets to do that and more with a sexy athlete with a masochistic streak.

Vanessa Delcour has been in the PR business for years, but she's at a loss when her personal and professional worlds collide. As a part owner of, and professional Domme at exclusive BDSM club the Den, she knocked off balance when Holden Hauke, a player for the Minnesota Glaciers pro hockey team she represents, apply for membership. Although he claims to be a Dom, Vanessa is 100% certain that's not entirely the case, and she's pretty sure she can help him. Holden can't believe the ice queen is in his way of getting into the Den, but once he realizes that Vanessa is Mistress V, he desperately wants to be on his knees for her and decides that he won't take no for an answer.

Vanessa KNOWS Holden is trouble, but as much as she pushes him away, he comes back for more, proving to her time and time again that their desires are very much in sync. But Vanessa can't let her carefully constructed world collapse, which is in danger of happening as her personal, professional and family lives crash together. For the first time in a long time, Vanessa isn't in control of the situation and she has no clue how to put it back in place.

BONDS OF COURAGE is book 6 in the Wicked Play series, featuring the owners of exclusive BDSM club, The Den. Vanessa is the sole female owner of The Den and the only story in this series featuring a Domme with more than a passing mention. Her stony exterior hid what many women ultimately desire--the need to be cherished and cared for and protected by someone who adores her. Holden is that man for Vanessa. He mentally claims not to want a relationship but finds his whole world revolving around his mistress and being A-OK with that.

I'm unaccustomed to the Domme/male sub storyline, and while I really liked it, the "accessories" used on Holden (aka the chastity belt device) took some getting used to. Their sex scenes were outstanding, though I felt for Holden and the ongoing orgasm denial that Vanessa put him through. I also hated how bitchy she was to him, and even though I get that he's got many times can a man be pushed away (quite forcefully, I may add) before giving up?!

Overall BONDS OF COURAGE was a great addition to the Wicked Play series, and confirmation that Ms. Aicher is a brilliant erotic romance writer no matter what the characters' kinks are!
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