Prymal Obsession

Jianne Carlo
Prymal Obsession
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Hartwood Publishing
Release Date
October 2014
Book 2 of PRYMAL
Action/Adventure Romance, Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Multi-cultural/Multi-racial Romance, Paranormal Romance, Romantic Suspense/Mystery

The primal call of Mate Claim sparks a battle among the three species of shifters—Wylfen, Feral, & Rogue—and has for generations. These violent feuds incite hunts by humankind, driving shifters near extinction. To protect their people the aristocratic Wylfen ban the practice of Mate Claim. When a Rogue alpha claims a Wylfen female, the mated pair forms a coalition with a Feral male. An alliance is created: Prymal, a new species & pack born of Rogue, Wylfen, & Feral. And war begins…

Brut Jurango's pack is one of butt-ugly misfits, and he's devoted to each and every member. When his mate and his entire pack are slaughtered, he lives for one sole purpose–revenge. Brut's a mixed breed, wolf, panther, and human. He had a mate, and shifters are supposed to have only one in a lifetime. So why can't he resist Sidonie Walker's call? Or is this just one more lie proliferated by the Wylfen?

Book Review by Isabelle (reviewer)
Oct 18, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Do you have any ideas what happens when dynamite meets fire? It burns extremely rapidly until it explodes. When Brut Jurango and Sidonie Walker meet, it's boom, baroom, badaboom... very explosive.

Brut Jurango is a Rogue. He is not a Prymal, but he is friends with them, and they help each other. The first moment he sees Sidonie Walker, he knows she is trouble with capital T, and he tries to avoid her. But when he smells her fear, he knows he is doomed and he must help her. Now they are stuck together until she is one hundred percent safe, but will he be able to keep himself safe from her?

Sidonie Walker is full of shame and secrets from her past. Now she uses slutty clothes and make up to portrait a facade to the world. After meeting Brut, she has been shaken, but has vowed to not let a human/wolf/cat destroy her perfect foundation. She only wishes that her body would listen to her head when near the mouth-watering Rogue.

PRYMAL OBSESSION is a thriller packed with danger, excitement and explosive chemical reactions. It brings together another drop-dead gorgeous alpha and a surprisingly brave heroine. It also has strong secondary characters and one amazing sub-plot mystery.

Ms. Carlo's passionate scenes are works of art. The chemistry among her characters is undeniable, and the amount of tension and heat generated in each description is explosive.

While Prymal Lust was a promise of a great new series, PRYMAL OBSESSION is a certainty of a very addictive series to follow. I would recommend this book and series to everyone who is ready to be awed and blown away.

"I know your deal. You had a mate. Your kind has one in a lifetime. Whatever happens between us is temporary. As soon as this...this situation is resolved, we're done." Brut stifled a wince. Did she have to put it so badly? And did she believe for a moment she could set the terms of their relationship?
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BOOK INTERVIEW on October 2014
Interview by Laura

Hi Jianne, welcome once again to The Romance Reviews!

You've given us a lovely and fascinating insight into the first book of your exciting Prymal series in PRYMAL LUST in this interview. Oh, and everyone, do check out this 5-star review!

Now, we're coming to the second book in your exciting series!

Q: Which is entitled PRYMAL OBSESSION. How are the books interconnected? Do you have an overall series arc?

For those who don't know the premise of the Prymal Series, here's a summary:

The primal call of Mate Claim sparks battle among the three species of shifters—Wylfen, Feral, and Rogue—and has for generations. These violent feuds incite hunts by humankind, driving shifters near extinction.

To protect their people the aristocratic Wylfen ban the practice of Mate Claim. The Senior Council now decides all mate alliances to protect their pure blood and promote the politically premier families.

Feral and Rogue shifters still practice the primitive ritual. The Feral shifters are half-breed humans, while the Rogue shifters share two sets of animal DNA, big cat and wolf, as well as human.

Both are considered the basest of beasts in the eyes of the Wylfen. Secret schemes to eradicate the Feral and Rogue are put into motion backed by Wylfen wealth and power. Their success leaves less than a hundred Feral and Rogue shifters on the planet.

When a Rogue alpha claims a Wylfen female, the mated pair forms a coalition with a Feral male. An alliance is created: Prymal, a new species and pack born of Rogue, Wylfen, and Feral, fracturing all established traditions.

And war begins…

To answer your questions: All the Prymal books are connected through the search for the person or persons responsible for trying to eradicate ROGUE & FERAL shifters from the planet.

Yes, there is an overall series ARC and the ending is already planned--though vaguely. I'm a panster writer, and I know unexpected events will occur simply to plague both me and my editors. One rule I have is that all questions will be answered and subplots resolved.

Q: We can't wait! In the meantime, what is the world of Prymal like? You mentioned the war among the species. Is war ongoing? Or is there an uneasy truce? What is it like to live under those conditions?

All of the above and none—sorry couldn't resist being a smart ass there *smirk*.

War is ongoing as Feral and Rogue packs are still being hunted and slaughtered.

But who is targeting whom?

In the past, the Ferals and Rogues haven't trusted each other, because the Wylfen have planted evidence at each butchery to implicate the Rogues when Ferals are murdered, and vice versa. Only recently did the Rogues and Ferals begin to suspect that perhaps some or all of the Wylfen are responsible for their killings.

Prymal is a new alliance and two of the female Wylfens who chose Prymal mates have been attacked and exiled. Yet, an uneasy and undefined truce develops between a few members of the Wylfen pack, specifically Tania's immediate family, and Prymal. Prymal has no idea whether the rest of the Wylfen pack will hold that truce and assume the worst. It's difficult for the mated Prymal Alphas to allow their females out of their homes without protection.

Q: Must be trying for the Alphas indeed. So, what comes first to you in this book? Plot or character? Please elaborate.

The character always comes first for me. Only after I know the characters do the plots evolve.
It's important that I stay true to each character.

Q: Who is Sidonie Walker? What kind of person is she?

I'll let Sidonie tell you in her own words:

She was the last of her line. An only child. Born to middle-aged parents who had long abandoned the notion of their own progeny and who had been more embarrassed than pleased about her birth. A premature baby, she had been a sickly child cared for by a series of nannies and nurses. Later, she learned her lungs had been underdeveloped at birth and her vision problems were probably due to being born two months early. Her parents were trust fund babies and part of the international jet setter elite. After being diagnosed with dyslexia, Sid's parents shuttled her off to a European boarding school.

When Sidonie's parents die, she inherits a trust fund and utilizes some of the money to find the foremost expert on dyslexia, who becomes her mentor and therapist. She finally learns to read and write and blossoms as a person learning to cope with her inherent shyness and loneliness.

Determined to be successful in her own right, Sidonie discovers a love of wine and becomes a sommelier of sorts. She meets the young man who becomes her best friend and chef partner at a cooking school. They decide to open The Grape Escape, a wine and tapas bar. Sidonie's finally come into her own. Self-defensively brassy and a tad on the bossy side, Sidone's bowled over when she meets Brut Jurango.

Q: Who is Brut Jurango? What in his past shaped him to be the person that he is?

Brut Jurango's mother was a Native American who wanted Hollywood fame and left the reservation at sixteen. She ended up on the streets and became an addict. Got pregnant. She OD'd and Children's Services put Brut into the foster care system. As a child Brut has no idea that he's a Rogue wolf, part cat, part wolf, and the rest human. Eventually, Brut's grandfather tracked him down and takes him back to Montana and the reservation.

Brut finds his mate on the reservation and decides to set up his own Rogue pack. For the first time in his life, he's happy and content. Then his pack and his mate are slaughtered. He's enraged and lives for one reason only--avenging the butchery of his pack. Then he meets Sidonie Walker and he can't resist her call.

Q: What is the first meeting like between Sidonie and Brut?

Brut and Sidonie actually first met in Prymal Lust – here's that excerpt—I had a lot of fun writing this one:

Tania tensed as the now-familiar rumbling of Axe's pickup climbing the driveway reached her ears.

"They're here." Bandit stalked to her side. "Take a deep breath, darlin'. Now, smile. Your tasting menu's delicious, eclectic, and a complete winner. If this idiot can't recognize you're a five star chef, then he doesn't deserve you."

Tania shot him a grateful glance. "I can't thank you enough."

She swept a glance around the other Prymal members. "All of you. I couldn't have finished all this without you. I owe you each and every one of you. Big time."

"Did we tell you our newly adopted motto? All for one and one for all." The Kydd smiled at her.

Jurango studied the ceiling for a brief second and shook his head.

The back door eased open.

"That's quite the tale, Sidonie." Axe's deep voice resonated through the kitchen.

Tania held her breath, her gaze glued to the widening space between the door and the kitchen wall.

She blinked. Knuckled her eyes and re-focused.

A walking sex bomb pranced into the room.

The curvaceous woman had to be no more than five feet, but the six inch stilettos she wore thrust an alluring décolletage forward, and gave her the illusion of height.

She shot Axe what could only be described as a CFM, sex-kitten smile. "Querido call me Sid. Everyone does. Hmmm, this kitchen smells so delish, I'm about to have a foodie-orgasm."

Tania bit her tongue.

Fisted her hands.

She had just so lost the job of chef at The Grape Escape. If 'Sid' so much as touched Axe the woman would have two black eyes and be thrown down the deck stairs.

Wild strawberry blonde curls danced around tanned, muscle-defined bare shoulders when Sid did a half pirouette. Her piercing blue eyes honed onto Jurango, slouched in his usual corner between the fridge and the counter. She waved slender fingers with oval-shaped lilac-painted nails. Her focus never wavered from Jurango. "Introduce me, Axe."

Tania worked her jaw when the sleaze planted one hand on her hip and assumed a perfect red-carpet-pose.

Eva sidled closer to Tania. "What the heck is she not wearing?"

'Sid' almost wore a jeans skirt, a mauve spaghetti-strapped tank top with a short unzipped denim jacket. The pastel purple tank should've clashed with her hair, but instead somehow made her perfect ringlet curls glow. The skirt's hem just, just brushed the apex of Sid's shapely and toned thighs.

Tania barely managed to jerk her thoughts from murderous mayhem when Axe said, "Sid, this is my fiancée, Tania. Tania, meet Sidonie, the owner of The Grape Escape. Sid, in order, meet Eva, Jurango, The Kydd, Bandit, and Lycus."

Tania spread her lips. Snarled, "Hello Sid. You're late, Axe."

Axe quirked a brow.

"Oh, dahling, don't blame your hunky man. It was all my fault. I had to clean up a little ‘situation' at the wine bar." Sid beamed and ringed a finger around the tank's neckline.

Not once had Sid looked Tania's way.

The woman couldn't haul her stare from Jurango's scowling face. "Jurango, was it? Such an unusual name. Are you part of Tania's cooking retinue?"

Jurango straightened. "No ma'am. I'm a simple ranch hand. With work to do. Later."

Sid flinched as if struck physically. She recovered her aplomb in a millisecond and flashed a flawless, dimpled smile. Bright pink washed over her cheeks, but she firmed her chin, and traced Jurango's rapid exit. Inspected the floor for a mere half a heartbeat. Took a deep inhale. "Not one for words, your Jurango."

"Don't take it personally, darlin'. He's like that with everyone." Bandit's pleasant tone belied the anger glistening in his blue-black eyes.

Thumb hooked in a belt loop, The Kydd ambled over to Sidonie, and flashed her the smile that had won the retired UFC fighter turned actor a million followers on Facebook. He tipped his Stetson back to a rakish angle and drawled, "An absolute pleasure to meet you, sugah. The Grape Escape's just become my favorite watering hole. I'll round up my Hollywood buddies for the grand opening. Anything else you need, sugah, just whistle. I'll get your cell from Tania later. Expect my call. It pains me to have to leave, but I've a prior commitment."

Stunned, Tania couldn't do anything but stare at The Kydd. She missed Sidonie's reply to The Kydd's declaration, and traced him as he strolled out the kitchen doorway.

Axe, looking prickle-pear cactus irritated, engaged Sidonie in a low conversation.

"Is it me, or did Kydd Kolton just announce Sidonie's his newest sex-buddy target?" Eva whispered.

Tania managed to retrieve her jaw from the floor. "Wow. I do believe that we just witnessed the formation of a sexual triangle inferno."

"The static electricity in this room could fuel half of San Diego." Eva did a mock-swipe of her forehead. "Whew."

Q: What is your favourite scene in this book?

I love this scene because it's the first time Brut begins to believe that he might have a future other than living alone and mate-less and gradually going insane. Enjoy!

Brut liked that Sidonie had lost her shyness because of her concern for him. The earnest honesty he read in her piercing blue eyes tempted him to bare the agonizing despair he'd lived with since his mate and pack's slaughter.

"I can't even begin to understand how you can bring yourself to live another day. My parents didn't care for me, and, yet, when they died, I felt like an orphan. Alone. No not alone, but filled with this despairing loneliness. I wallowed in self-pity. I played every ‘what if' scenario I could think of. What if I had been born 'normal'? Would they have loved me? Would I have had friends--" She clamped her hands over her face. "Please, please, pretend I never said any of that maudlin crap."

He hauled her against his chest unable to bear the hurt and pain in her naked declaration. Yet touched and pleased she trusted him. "I see their faces all the time. They died in agony. The Jäeger raped every female. They butchered limbs from living beings."

She lifted a tear-stained face to him and cupped her delicate little hands around his ugly mug. "How horrible. No wonder you crave revenge. I would too. It must be so difficult to have to pretend to be 'normal' all the time. I wish I could take some of your fury and pain. I wish with all my heart that I could help."

Brut couldn't repay the way she'd bared her soul except in kind. "You have. You've given me flashes of sunshine. When we make love, my grief, hate, and anger falls away."

More tears streamed down her cheeks. She gave him a watery smile. "I'm so, so glad to be of use to you."

"Sidonie. You need value yourself higher. You're not of use to me. You're necessary." Brut bit his tongue. It would do neither of them any good for him to utter another word. This was temporary. And they both knew and accepted their brief affair.

Eva's declaration flooded his brain. I didn't know Maria, but if she truly loved Brut, she'd want him to be happy. To find another mate.

Would Maria have wanted that? She told him over and over, six, seven times a day how much she loved him. So much so that he began to think himself worthy of love. Worthy of her love.

Give me a sign Maria, querida. Tell me what to do.

Maria would like Sidonie. He was positive of that. The two women shared many characteristics. Both had a wicked sense of humor, grit and determination, and, they both collected lost souls. Maria had taken a wounded and damaged Brut into her embrace. Sidonie had done the same with Davy.

He resolved to distance himself from Sidonie a dozen times since embarking on this affair. But, she proved an irresistible lure. Some homing instinct brought him back to her every time he tried to leave. Hadn't he decided at the beginning to avoid emotional entanglement? Yet, here he was trying to find a way to justify staying with Sidonie. Indefinitely.

Q: Between Sidonie and Brut, who is the more difficult character? Why?

Brut definitely. He's filled with rioting emotions--rage, guilt, shame, and remorse. He blames himself for his mate and pack's murders, and knows he should have been there with them. I know this sounds weird, but it was hard to watch him deny himself any chance of happiness, because Brut doesn't believe he deserves it. He wishes he'd died with his mate and his pack.

Q: What's up next in the Prymal series? Please give us a sneak peek!

Two more PRYMAL as follows:

Prymal Passion – Release December 4, 2014

Bandit Jackson's a Rogue wolf who lives for the moment. He makes out like a bandit in all walks of life. No commitments, no strings, tons of women, wine, and eclectic
Gourmet food. The last thing he needs is a battered wife on the run with a toddler.

Prymal Hunger – Release February 5, 2015

The Kydd, aka Kydd Kolton, leads a charmed life. A Rogue wolf and retired UFC fighter, he's parlayed his toned bod and surfer good looks into an acting career. Rich, famous, handsomer than sin, the Kydd's never had to lift more than a pinky or a perfect brow to snare a woman. Until he meets Helle, a human female, whose sole purpose in life is to torture him.

Q: Sounds great! What's up next for you?

I'm starting a new Viking series. I haven't written a historical for the year and I yearn to immerse myself in the Viking world once more.

Looking forward to them, and to the rest of the Prymal series! :)


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Award winning author, Jianne Carlo's motto is simple: Alpha Me Please.

While strong heroines, exotic locations, and cultural differences are her forte, she goes weak in the knees for bad boys, warriors, and alphas. Send her a man with an attitude and she'll find the right woman to tame him.

Jianne loves hot and spicy food, stomach-plunging park rides, and is kept on her toes by her Viking husband of thirty-five years, and three handsome grown sons. Jianne's a Zumba addict who loves to cook. Her favorite possession is her ‘Robo-Stove.'

A multi- and cross genre writer, Jianne's books cover the romance spectrum--sweeping Viking historicals (The Dragon Slayer), Contemporary Suspense (Carnal in Cannes), Paranormal Suspense (Alpha Me Not), Paranormal Time-Travel (That Pearly Drop), and SEAL shifter suspense (Prymal). There's nothing she likes more than hearing from readers.



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