Up Close & Personal

KyAnn Waters
Up Close & Personal
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The Wild Rose Press
Release Date
February 2011

No way is Nate Sheppard attending the office celebration to kiss his new boss' ass. He's already been there and done that. And it literally screwed him out of a promotion. Now he's done with interoffice affairs. Especially when the only man he truly wants is off limits.

Graham Eddins knows Nate isn't opposed to office romances, but Nate's been
screwing the wrong men. Until now Graham hasn't been willing to risk their
friendship. However, if he wants more, he's going to have to offer Nate a new
position…one that's up close and personal.

This title contains: explicit language, anal sex and m/m.
Rosette (33 pages)

Book Review by aobibliophile (reviewer)
Apr 01, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Sometimes it happens that someone we work with really catches our attention. We either fall in love or in lust.

Joe Boling has been promoted and champagne is flowing freely in the convention room but Nate Sheppard refuses to join the celebration. He should have been the one promoted and not Joe who literally "kissed his ass" to get where he is now.

Graham Sheppard is Nate's best friend, colleague and fantasy all rolled into one. Graham knows everything about Nate except the latter's attraction to him. When he steps into Nate's office for a talk and to check on him, things get steamy and very up close and personal.

KyAnn Waters' story is only 33 pages long but her take on interoffice romance showcases the moral issues and complications involved when you get into a sexual relationship with an office worker. Her character Joe is greedy, over ambitious, amoral and will do anything to get his way to the top. Nate is seen as weak and can only have himself to blame for his hormonal outbursts. Graham is presented as the shoulder to cry on and more.

However, I find it a little hard to believe that Nate, a professional, could not control his libido. His consensual trysts between co-workers appear to be well known and he does not seem to care about his reputation. Could he not abide by the company's work ethics by not fraternizing with his colleagues and subordinates? Would he not rather step out of the four walls of the company he works for and seek his lovers elsewhere? It is a surprise that he was not sued for sexual harassment or something similar.

On the other hand, it was a good thing that the story ended on a positive note and I give Ms Waters a thumbs up for that. Otherwise, I would have been disappointed.

Readers who are uncomfortable with sexual interplay between men are advised to shy away from this one.

In general, I still had fun with UP CLOSE & PERSONAL. I look at it as a lesson in corporate behavior and integrity that every professional should take well to heart.
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