There's Something About Ari

L.B. Gregg
There's Something About Ari
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Release Date
November 2014
Book 2 of Bluewater Bay
Contemporary Romance, LGBTQ

Buck Ellis's future seems pretty damn bright. With a full college scholarship in hand, he's going to ditch Bluewater Bay and pave the way for his kid brother Charlie to do the same. The only fly in Buck's ointment is his ten-year addiction to his best friend since second grade, his true love, and his Achilles heel: Ari Valentine, Mr. Least Likely to Succeed.

But then Buck's mother dies, changing everything, and five years later, his future is still on hold. It's a struggle to keep food on the table, a roof over their heads, and Charlie on the straight and narrow. Buck can't afford any temptation, especially in the form of the newly returned, super hot, super confident, super successful television star Ari Valentine.

ADHD poster-child Ari Valentine left for Hollywood and lost everything, including his bad reputation. Then the breakthrough role of his skyrocketing career lands him back in Bluewater Bay, to the stunned disbelief of, well, everyone. But there's only one person Ari longs to impress—the only person who ever really mattered to him, the person he left behind: Buck Ellis.

Book Review by Breann (reviewer)
Nov 24, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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That was simply delightful!

We're introduced to Buck and Ari through their first meeting when they were just in elementary school. How they became instant friends the moment they met. Then, fast forward years later to Buck still heartbroken after Ari, his best friend and secret love, left five years prior.

Buck had been taking care of his little brother since his mother died. He sacrificed everything for his family. If there's ever a reason to love a character, that's it. He's a bit grumpy and a tad too serious, but he didn't have a choice given the responsibility that was dropped in his lap when he was only 18. They're making it together, though. But the new neighbor shakes Buck right on up.

It was Ari. Ari moved right next door and Buck turned into a bumbling mess. It was fantastic. Serious, mature, responsible Buck really had no clue how to react to such a situation. I loved how Ari wouldn't back down. He knew the effect he was having on Buck and he ate it up.

I do wish their story was longer. The end was a little fast and I would have liked to know what's next for Ari and Buck. But it's L.B. Gregg and her writing always works for me, so I was able to look past that.

Despite the rushed ending, it was most certainly worth the read.
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