Mask of Passion

Lori Whyte
Mask of Passion

Escape Press
Release Date
October 2014
Book 2 of Masquerade Curves
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Ménage or more

While attending a masquerade at her clients' hotel in the woods, Jane escapes outside for some fresh air. When she stumbles upon a cabin, she is surprised to discover a window to Keith's bedroom. Her sexy client is inside and unaware she is there as he touches himself. Unable to drag herself away, she watches, captivated, until Luke finds her.

Instead of sending her away, Luke pulls her into his arms. He encourages her to watch Keith while he whispers naughty things in her ear and explores her curvy body until she is trembling in his arms and aching to be pleasured by these two sexy men.

Will she succumb to her fantasy of being with both of them?

Her breath quickened. She shouldn't be watching this. Watching him.

But she couldn't stop. She was enthralled.

"Hey," a man shouted behind her.

She gasped and spun around.

"No guests back here. Didn't you read the sign?" Luke's voice was unmistakeable.

The shadows didn't reveal anything but the route from which she had come, which was also where Luke was. There was no escape. "I'm sorry. I'll..."

"Jane? What are you doing back here? Is everything okay?" Luke approached her. With each step, the light emanating from Keith's room revealed Luke's face. He had taken off his mask and was carrying it in his hand, so she knew the exact moment when his gaze drifted over her shoulder and saw Keith.

His eyes narrowed when he looked back at her again.

"Jane?" His gait took on a more purposeful stride, as if he knew she was about to bolt and he wanted to grab her before she did. He crossed the distance between them before she could formulate an excuse or escape.
When he was standing directly in front of her, he tilted her head up so she was looking at him. The heat from his hand scorched her chilled skin. She had been so caught up in Keith that she had forgotten how cool it was. She bit her lip to keep from leaning forward and kissing Luke. And how could she kiss Luke when it was Keith who had her all hot...


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