Velvet Exhale

Beth Mikell
Velvet Exhale


Release Date
June 2014
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance

For Reyna Lourde, running into Noah Alexander again never made her "do-over" list. They dated once, a brief encounter chalked full of unforgettable chemistry, but he walked…all the way down the aisle with her college roommate. Hell, he never even explained why he played her, acting as if it never happened.

Seven years later, Noah is a widower, digging his way out of darkness, and he wants to include Reyna—with no exception. Despite his no bounds approach, he is covered in secrets and lies—the kind of man any woman should walk away from, but no matter how hard she tries to resist him, she can't. He reaches deep inside her, shaking up her ordinary life, and he gives her an all-access pass to everything, including erotic heaven. However, as she stumbles upon his final grievance, will she be the one to walk away? This time…forever.
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