The Fallen: Raziel

Kristina Douglas
The Fallen: Raziel
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Pocket Books
Release Date
January 2011
Book 1 of Fallen
Paranormal Romance

Kristina Douglas's sexy new series introduces a realm of fallen angels and ruthless demons, where an eternal rebellion is brewing . . . and one unsuspecting woman can change the fate of the Fallen forever.

She was just an ordinary mortal . . .

"You're dead" is so not what Allie Watson wants to hear. Unfortunately, it explains a lot. Like the dark, angelically handsome man who ferried her to this strange, hidden land. The last thing she remembers is stepping off a curb in front of a crosstown bus. Now she's surrounded by gorgeous fallen angels with an unsettling taste for blood-and they really don't want her around. Not exactly how she pictured heaven.

. . . until death catapulted her into a seductive world she never imagined.

Raziel is unsure why he rescued Allie from hellfire against Uriel's orders, but she stirs in him a longing he hasn't felt in centuries. Now the Fallen are bracing for the divine wrath brought by his disobedience, and they blame Allie for the ferocious Nephilim clawing at the kingdom's shrouded gates. Facing impossible odds at every turn, the two must work together to survive. Raziel will do anything to defend his spirited lover against the forces of darkness-because Allie may be the Fallen's only salvation.

Book Review by Danielle S. (reviewer)
Feb 26, 2011
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I love discovering new authors and Kristina Douglas is fantastic. I felt like I was there when I was reading her book. It was really well written with vivid descriptions especially when creating the world that the fallen angels live in.
When I first received this book I was nervous because of the cover which could have been better. I tend to judge books by the cover. I'm glad that I agreed to review it because it was a really good book right to the end. I was also nervous because this is the first book I've read about Fallen Angels but it turned out to be amazing.
Allie is sentenced to death and Raziel's job to deliver her but instead he brings her home with him which causes lots of trouble for all the Fallen Allen. Allie struggles with the fact that she is dead and fights Raziel about everything but she turns out to be very kind and helpful. Raziel tries very hard not to be attracted to her because he has commited to himself to have no more mates because they die and his heart breaks over and over.

The book was well written and I didn't see any major problems or loopholes. The action never stopped and I didn't find my self bored. Kristina has made me a new fan. I can't wait for the next book. I loved the ending even though there was a little cliff hanger at the end thats going to make everyone want to read the second book.

I would recommend this book to almost anyone but the biggies are paranormal romance readers, UF, fantasy, and series readers. I hope you pick up this book some time because it is worth ever
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