In love with a Master

Jason Luke
In love with a Master

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June 2014
BDSM, Erotic Romance

How high a price will one man pay to know love? For Jonah Noble, life has always been his world - his way. But now, confronted with his own mortality, and staring certain death in the face, he realises his one regret... Will Leticia be his last chance? He knows she has feelings for him, but can he ever feel the same strength of emotion for her? Can Jonah make the leap of faith that will put his heart in danger? It's his world. His way. But now his life is on the line...

Book Review by Vixhen (reviewer)
Oct 20, 2014
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Jonah Noble is back. He's still intriguing, guarded, careful, and a bit emotionally closed off. He had resigned himself to his fate, but there was this woman who kept running through his mind. Leticia Fall has celebrated sudden success with her retelling of the Master's tales of seduction and all things naughty. She's finally caught the eye of her boss and things are looking up. She has resigned herself to her life, but then along came this man who opened her eyes to a world she'd only read about. This book was different from Interview with a Master. Oh, it still had its erotic heat that sneaks up on you, lays you out flat on your back and leaves you panting for more. However, this installment was more emotionally charged. It was raw, honest, and painful at times. The back and forth between Leticia and Jonah, the revelation of an ultimate betrayal, and the somewhat surprising ending made this one a roller coaster of a read. However, Mr. Luke managed to pull it all together without giving us the usual sappy, formulaic happily ever after. There are moments in the book where I felt this man definitely had an insight into the female mind. Some of his analogies will bring about some very interesting conversations between men and women, and rightfully so. Having read quite of a bit in the BDSM genre, it's refreshing to finally get a male's spin on things. Mr. Luke has said that some of Jonah's stories are based on his own personal story. I'm not surprised. While this story is fiction, there are just some parts of his explanations and rationales that really hit home and make the reader take note. That being said, Mr. Luke is definitely one to watch. The man is a Master…period.
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