cree storm


siren publishing
Release Date
August 2014
Book 2 of the twelve labors
Erotic Romance

Stephan didn't know how to take what Perseus was saying. Could he be just giving him a line? At this moment he didn't think so but he didn't really care either. Perseus had both his arms wrapped around him and was holding him tight as he kissed him with a passion like he had never felt. It was as if he really mattered. He was not being used as a way to just get off. It was amazing and terrifying all at once. He questioned whether he would be able to go through with this. Then he felt Perseus kissing on his neck and nibbling on his ear and there was no questioning anything. His cock was so damn hard he knew he could come from him just doing that. Perseus started to lift his shirt and Stephan could only think, yes, please! Skin to skin was what he wanted and what he craved. So Stephan lifted up a bit as he started to remove Perseus's shirt as well. Oh yeah! It was even better than he thought it would be. He wanted more. So much more. "Perseus, please!" He didn't even know what he was begging for. He just knew that he needed whatever it was. Then he felt hands down his pants and a warm palm touching him. His cock jerked, almost as if it was trying to get this man's attention. It was when Perseus wrapped his hand around it that Stephan let out a soft cry. When Perseus moved his hand a bit, slowly stroking him, Stephan could only moan out his pleasure.

Perseus loved the sounds coming from his mate's mouth. It had him feeling like an honest to goodness God. This had to be what Poseidon and Zeus felt on a daily basis. It was a heady experience and one that he wanted to be able to repeat time and time again. Perseus stopped kissing on his mate for a moment so he could lean up and watch the blissful look coming across Stephan's face. He was doing this for his mate. He was making him moan and cry out. He was going to make him scream before he was through.

Sitting up, Stephan let out a protesting sound that made Perseus smile. "Baby, I need to take these off," he said as he


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