cree storm


siren publishing
Release Date
September 2014
Book 3 of the twelve labors
Erotic Romance

Murray looked at Apollo, wondering what would come next. He was still kind of dizzy from that mind-blowing kiss, but he was anxious, and even a little nervous. However, the look of love and need he saw in his mate's eyes helped relax him.

Apollo went to the bedside drawer and took out a brand-new bottle of lube. He had known there was no way he was going to be able to keep his hands off of his little man and he'd wanted to make sure he was prepared. How awesome was it knowing, that after this moment, they would have each other for the rest of eternity. "You and I are going to take this nice and slow."

Leaning over, Apollo took his tongue, and, using just the tip, began to circle his mate's nipple. "I'm going to prepare you to take every inch of my hard cock." Running his tongue along the line to the next nipple, he slowly circled that one as well. "And when you think you can't handle anymore and you're begging me nicely, I'm going to take my cock and slowly insert it into your sweet ass, until I am balls-deep."

urray got goose bumps from the sensations Apollo was causing with his tongue as well as the words coming out of his mouth. His dick was getting so hard it almost hurt and he so wanted to relieve the pressure. He tried pumping into Apollo's chest, but Apollo took Murray's hips and held them so he could not move. "Apollo," Murray whined.

Apollo pushed up a bit. "You will remain still, little man. I am in control here, at least for our first time. I will not risk hurting you. Now just lay back and feel. I promise to do my best to make this the most enjoyable experience in your life."

Murray took a deep breath and let it out slowly. If the pleasures he already experienced were anything to go by, Apollo had nothing to worry about. He moaned as Apollo made a kissing trail down toward his groin and he gasped when he felt his mate's tongue slowly circle the head of his cock. The moans got louder as he felt that tongue slowly trail down his leg and back up again


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