MC Chronicles: The Diary of Bink Cummings

Bink Cummings
MC Chronicles:  The Diary of Bink Cummings
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Release Date
November 2014
Book 1 of MC Chronicles
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Romantic Suspense/Mystery

I'm a biker, and I'm a woman, who was raised by my biker family the Sacred Sinners.

Growing up an MC brat, I've known nothing but leather, booze, club whores, comradery, and bikes, my entire life.

My name is Eva "Bink" Cummings, and this is my story.

How at the ripe old age of thirty, with no husband, no kids, and being a part of a motorcycle club. Things aren't always what they appear to be. I've found out the hard way, that your life, in an instant, can be flipped upside down. And the people you know and love aren't always what they seem.

Steamy Adult romance
Warning: Contains Mature scenarios, and mass quantities of profanity. For Ages 18+

This is not a Stand Alone, Vol 2 will be released Feb 2015.

Book Review by BJ (reviewer)
Nov 24, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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5+ "Possibly the Best MC Romance I Have Ever Read" Stars!! I could not put this down. I read it all in one night! Even more incredibly, this is a true story. Thus not every detail will be to your liking--this is the real MC world after all--but that just somehow manages to add to the scorching hot, erotic, forbidden love story. This MC tale also has a very fresh and unique plot where the heroine, to a certain extent, is treated, and definitely acts, more like a member than club property. I just loved her kick ass ways and distinctive style! The suspense aspect of this read is also fantastic and perfectly written to elicit the maximum intrigue. The story does end in a life-altering, huge cliffhanger though, and I for one need Part 2 now!!

Having been relatively abandoned by her mother, who had no trouble raising her siblings, Eva "Bink" Cummings was practically raised by the Sacred Sinners MC. Her father being the VP helped, but Eva had a number of members who routinely looked after her, made sure she had everything she needed and protected her, including Big (the MC's President), Gunz (the MC's Sergeant at Arms), and a whole slew of other MC family members. When Eva experienced life's milestones, it was the Sacred Sinners MC brothers she turned to and who helped her grow up.

Of course our life's experiences help shape us into the adults we become, and Bink is no exception. As a 30 year-old woman raised by bikers, she is very much like them in a female form. She, for example, is the only female to have her own room at Sacred Sinners clubhouse, drives her own vintage, pink and black Harley (that she loves to get off on!), and gets special privileges among her MC family that are typically reserved for full members. Being the "queen" of the MC, however, has its costs as Bink is still unmarried, childless and it is a well known rule among the brothers that she is the one female who the bikers are strictly forbidden from touching. Of course, Bink is an independent woman who is confident in her sexuality and has engaged in her own extracurricular activities with men outside of the club, but it never seems to lead to anything serious.

Part of the excitement and allure of this romance is the slow development of sexual tension as you start to question whether the story could possibly be headed in the direction of forbidden love. Therefore, I will not spoil the experience by spelling out who Bink gets romantically and extremely erotically involved with. Suffice it to say, that their encounters kept me hot and bothered all night long, as I read this salacious story, even as I questioned whether he's the type of man who would satisfy Bink long-term, given the habits he has picked up living the MC life.

Further adding to the captivating and compelling nature of this story are hints that begin to surface that indicate that Bink has been kept in the dark as to life altering circumstances which occurred in the past. Leaving you further questioning what is about to change, as that has provided the means for her suitor to circumvent the established rules and seek out that which has always been off limits.

Wow, what a page turner! I loved this stunning debut by Bink Cummings, which demonstrates her talent in both erotic and suspenseful writing. I can't wait to continue this unique and stunning journey towards self-discovery in MC Chronicles: The Diary of Bink Cummings Volume 2 which is due out in February of 2015!
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