Polar Nights

T.T. Kove
Polar Nights
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Less Than Three Press
Release Date
July 2012
Book 1 of Arctic Love
Contemporary Romance, LGBTQ

Andreas has been in love with Christian for as long as he can remember, but he's also always known it would remain one-sided. When he travels to Svalbard to take the last years of his Masters, spending time with Christian again brings back those feelings and makes life more than a little awkward.

The very last thing Christian needs is to have a very grown, very stunning Andreas living with him for a few weeks. Even the awkwardness between them is not enough to stop his attraction. Neither is the fact that Andreas is his sister's stepson.

Book Review by Carly (Carly's Book Reviews) (reviewer)
Dec 09, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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They say that age is just a number, but it's hard to ignore, especially when youthful innocence unexpectedly transforms into adulthood.

Passionate about his work and driven to succeed academically, Andreas can't seem to stop himself from reverting back to the shy and somewhat awkward youth he once was when Christian is nearby. Though they haven't seen each other in years, Andreas quickly realizes that the attraction he feels towards his stepmother's younger brother is as strong as ever.

Christian's memories of the young man his sister loves like a son are hazy at best, but since he is practically family, Christian has no problem opening his home in Longyearbyen to Andreas while he is studying nearby. Upon his arrival, Christian is shocked by the instant physical reaction he has to the handsome man Andreas has become, but it's his gentle yet passionate personality that Christian finds impossible to resist.

While Christian and Andreas might be able to overlook their relationship's obvious complications in favor of finding love, their family's reaction isn't something either man is looking forward to facing.

POLAR NIGHTS is an enchanting novella that is full of potential and tells a fairy-tale like story of true love facing obstacles that seem insurmountable. Unfortunately, significant editing issues make it difficult to focus on the emotional impact. Riddled with poorly structured sentences and grammatical errors, the overall flow of the storyline is abrupt and disjointed.

First in a series, the cast includes characters who are featured in subsequent installments, and hints at potentially dramatic events in the future. Readers who are able to overlook the editorial flaws will find this to be an entertaining and touchingly romantic story.
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