Love Under Two Honchos

Cara Covington
Love Under Two Honchos
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Siren-Bookstrand, Inc.
Release Date
February 2011
Book 3 of The Lusty, Texas Collection
Erotic Romance, Ménage or more, Western Romance

Josh and Alex have devised what they believe to be a sound, logical method for finding a wife. Then Penelope Primrose enters their lives, and suddenly they're not as interested in their logical plan as they had been. The more the brothers indulge themselves in Penelope, the more they want her.

Penelope accepts a job offer from Kate Benedict, never expecting to find love under two honchos. She can neither explain nor deny the instant passion that brothers Josh and Alex Benedict ignite in her. But life has taught her only a fool counts on a happy ever after, and she's no fool.

But then she finds out about the Legacy Project, and suddenly Penelope is no longer willing to settle for what she thinks the brothers Benedict are offering her.

Will Josh and Alex be able to convince Penelope that she can have her happy ever after with them before she walks out of their lives for good?

Book Review by Sugarbeat's Books (reviewer)
Mar 23, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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LOVE UNDER TWO HONCHOS is an unexpectedly, tender romance that takes a menage and turns it into a normal situation. Two men are looking for a wife, a grandmother is interfering in their love life, and young woman takes a job offered by a friend. All these things combine to make an incredibly hot, yet tender happily ever after.

Josh and Alex Benedict are the head honchos of Benedict Oil and Minerals, one of the many companies involved in the Lusty, Texas Town Trust. This Trust is a group of family members involved in various enterprises that center around the town of Lusty, Texas. The unique thing about Lusty is the relationships you will find there. Each woman has two husbands. Since Josh and Alex grew up with two fathers, it seems logical to to them to search for the perfect wife together. Being the scientists that they are, they proceed with this search in a methodical way. They develop a plan that they call The Legacy Plan, outlining what they want in a bride, and a list of potential candidates. They they start "interviewing" the candidates.

Interfering with this are threats that they have been receiving, and their grandmother, the family matriarch, and force of nature that she is, finding out about these threats. She takes the situation in hand and hires Penelope Primrose, the granddaughter of her best friend to conduct an environmental assessment. What Josh and Alex don't know is that their grandmother has decided that Penelope will be perfect for them and has set them up.

This book was really interesting to read. It read like a normal romance -- at no time did the author treat the fact that two men were looking for one wife as odd. The two brothers acted in harmony when they were with Penelope -- almost as if they were completing one another's thoughts or actions. Since all the family members were either part of a menage or seeking to be part of one, the state of a threesome was completely normal in this family. Although the sex between the three of them was scorchingly hot, the love and tenderness that the three displayed was heart melting.

I loved how the author created two overbearing men for Penelope and then allowed her to deal with them in her own way. She is quite capable of dealing with two men!

Although the dialogue moves the story right along, the author also uses the characters' thoughts to give the reader an insight into the other character's reactions. The two secondary characters that I really liked were Grandma Kate and Stella, the administrative assistant at Benedict Oil and Minerals. Both are strong, manipulative, yet maternal characters. This story seems to have a whole host of strong female characters that all work very well together. They also all interact with Josh and Alex (also strong characters) equally well. None of the characters seem to dominate any of the others.

I was somewhat apprehensive about this story when I found out that it was two brothers forming two parts of the menage. I was afraid that there would be an uncomfortable factor to the story. Instead, I found a story about a wonderful relationship were two brothers act as two halves of a whole. I highly recommend this story!
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