Mastered by the Mothman

T. Lee Garland
Mastered by the Mothman
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Dark Hollows Press
Release Date
June 2014
Erotic Romance, Horror Romance, Ménage or more

College student Kate is headed to a cabin in the remote mountains of Virginia to meet up with her sorority sisters when she finds herself lost and stranded in a broken down car. After falling asleep, she is awakened by what she assumes is the glow of a police car coming to her rescue, but instead comes face to face with the legendary Mothman. A half man half moth, the beast has terrorized the mountains of West Virginia and Virginia for more than a half a century, with his glowing red eyes and penchant for showing up at disasters.

Horror-stricken when he quickly scoops her up and flies her to a cave on top of a mountain, Kate thinks the mysterious creature intends to make her his dinner. Kate quickly discovers, however, that the Mothman does have a voracious appetite - one that will leave Kate hungering for more…

Book Review by Christine Blackthorn (author,reviewer)
Feb 16, 2015   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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MASTERED BY THE MOTHMAN is an erotic novella with horror/fantasy undertones. I did not expect the story when I read it, and that is its strength. It blindsides you and wakes you up to a completely new world. It is an easy, quick read that surprises the mind and senses alike.

The style is engaging, almost conversational and the reader is easily able to see the main character as she deals with her broken down car. We all have been in this situation, dark night, car trouble, the moment you become aware of your situation and when your mind starts coming up with all these images. The fascinating thing about this book is that for a long time what happens to her makes the reader constantly wonder if it is a dream or reality.

This tension between the real and the possibly imagined holds the reader in the story and make us want to turn the next page. This impression is increased further when one surprising development comes after the other, but I will not tell you here about this. Read the book.

The book itself is very short, barely twenty pages long and thus more a short story than a novella but it is a fun diversion for half an hour. Though there are also things I did not like about this book. For one, its brevity seems to strangle the author's style when telling us what is happening becomes more important than to make us feel the story. We know she is scared, but we cannot feel her fear. I would have liked to have my senses involved, my mind drawn in.

As a quick read it is worth it, possibly a taster for a longer, more involved story which can really draw in a reader.
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