Rock Star Kisses

Verna Clay
Rock Star Kisses
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M.O.I. Publishing
Release Date
December 2014
Book 6 of Romance on the Ranch
Western Romance

At the age of twenty-three, Tessa Branigan has already been married and divorced, and entering into another romantic relationship is not an option. She's perfectly content working as receptionist for Tanner Veterinary Clinic, owned by Preston and Toby Tanner, twins she's been friends with since childhood. Preston has asked her to dinner more than once, but she always finds an excuse to beg off. Unexpectedly, Sean Barfield returns to town to spend time with his family for some much needed R and R. She's known him since she was twelve and they palled around together. The crazy thing is, her heart goes ballistic whenever he's around, something she definitely doesn't want. Her solution is to avoid him as much as possible. Besides, what would a famous musician like him see in a small town divorcee like her?

Sean Barfield escapes the fast life to regroup in the town of Paxtonville in Colorado where, as a teenager, he visited his birth father for a few weeks each year. But if he's perfectly honest with himself, he's also returning to see Tessa, the girl he first met when he was fifteen. He's always had a crush on her, so her marriage only a year out of high school came as a shock. But now she's divorced and living back in her hometown. The problem is, she keeps avoiding him. When a job opening to work as a ranch hand for her father arises, he applies for the position and is hired. He'll even muck horse stalls to prove he's just a regular guy.

Book Review by Angie Just Read... (reviewer)
Dec 22, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Fans of Verna Clay's Romance on the Ranch Series rejoice! Ms. Clay continues this warm and lovely series with the offspring of your favorite characters finding their own romance in the always homey Colorado town of Paxtonville.

With the pressure of being a famous rock musician taking a toll on his life, Sean Barfield escapes to Paxtonville for some down time and to reconnect with people he cares about. But Tessa Branigan, the old crush who'd inexplicably married and divorced a guy who'd never treated her right isn't only avoiding him. She's also avoiding his old rival for her attention--local veterinarian Preston Tanner. And the more Sean tries to make a meaningful connection with Tessa, the more she seems set on pushing him away.

Winning over and marrying the boy who'd always bullied her hadn't worked out for Tessa Branigan, and now she's returned to Paxtonville to rebuild her life and deal with the feelings of self-doubt and shame that her abusive ex-husband planted in her mind. Tessa's not emotionally ready to date again, even though she's had offers. It's been easy to turn down Preston, the man she works for, but a man like Sean Barfield can have any woman he wants, so why does he even want to go out with her, an overweight divorcee with self-esteem issues?

As for Preston, voluptuous Tessa has always been his ideal, but petite and uptight dog walker Victoria Martinique (a.k.a Freckles), the newest resident of Paxtonville, with her red hair, endless freckles, and deep affection for animals, rubs him the wrong way. Or, is it the right way? Since Freckles has made it known to him that she has an aversion to cowboy hats and big trucks, Preston already has two strikes against him. So, if he's still longing for Tessa, while getting cozy with Freckles, well...that's strike three.

Verna Clay always writes engaging romances with likeable characters that draw you in. With a new generation all grown up and ready to experience life and love in the Romance on the Ranch Series, Ms. Clay's fans get to revisit old friends they know and love, while watching love bloom and life carry on with the younger set. In Rock Star Kisses, there's the added bonus of two romances in one tale, and this one reads quickly and leaves the heart feeling just as full as its delightful predecessors.

If you like small town, contemporary romance, read Verna Clay and with one book you'll be hooked. Look for Preston's brother Toby's story in early 2015.
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