Rumor Has It

Leela Lou Dahlin
Rumor Has It
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Release Date
October 2014
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance

Raina Gibson is an event organizer who's planned a family of her own ever since her mother passed away. The idea was to be married by age twenty-six, and have two children by thirty. She'd had everything in place, but one thing kept getting in her way: her best friend Liam Prescott. She's attracted to his sexy confidence and intrigued by his daring spontaneity. Rumor has it this committed bachelor is phenomenal between the sheets, and since she's never known anything but ordinary she figures that has to be the draw. So she decides there's only one thing to do: get him into her bed and out of her system then get herself back on track.

Liam's a Lieutenant Fire Chief who's never forgotten what it feels like to have the most important woman in his life walk away without looking back. But there's still something about Raina that makes him want to keep her close and protect her. So when Raina propositions him he's torn. They're thrown together for the Annual Fire Ball and the more he has her the more he wants.

"Out of their systems" isn't working out as planned. So they'll have to decide whether to keep the fire between them burning or hose down these new behaviors and go back to what's always worked for them.

Book Review by Lynn (reviewer)
Jan 21, 2015   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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RUMOR HAS IT that friends can't become lovers and maintain their friendship. Raina and Liam are about to find out for themselves if this is true.

Raina Gibson and Liam Prescott have been best friends for four years. Their relationship is comfortable and familiar and they have always kept it strictly friendship. Raina knows Liam doesn't do romance or relationships but more and more she can't stop herself from thinking about him as more than just a friend. Raina is curious about the rumors she keeps hearing about Liam's bedroom prowess and why Liam has never expressed any interest in her beyond friendship. She decides she is going to act on her attraction to Liam and see if he can help her fulfill some of her sexual needs. Raina and Liam are very sexually compatible but their romantic desires may make it difficult for them to continue being best friends.

While I did not find the plot of this story to be unique, the characters and their relationship were written in a way that offered lots of original elements. I adored Raina's assertiveness with Liam once she had made the decision to pursue him. She continuously grows in confidence and as a sexual being throughout the development of her relationship with Liam. She has to battle the internal struggle of following her heart or listening to her brain; her emotional roller coaster was a ride the reader could go on with her. Liam's emotional struggles were also well written and watching him come to terms with his true feelings was gratifying as a reader.

The story took some satisfying twists and turns and provided me with the perfect amount of emotional struggle and gratification. At different points throughout the story, the author was able to make me both love and dislike both of the main characters; an impressive feat.

This story kept me engaged and interested. This is definitely a story for the romance lover.
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