Alp Mortal


The Carter Seagrove Project LLC
Release Date
June 2013

A destitute and uneducated young man living on the streets is knocked down by a car. The driver, Joseph, a wealthy and influential businessman, takes the young man into his home to better care for him. Thus begins Archie's journey of self-discovery. Joseph employs a nurse, Nathan, to provide the care and a teacher, Anthony, to help the young man to learn how to read and write. Joseph's personal assistant, Jacob, completes the principal cast of this story.

Archie and Nathan fall in love. For Archie, love is a both a word and a feeling which he has never known before.

However, what appears to be charity and compassion on the part of Joseph begins to take on an altogether different complexion and suddenly Archie and Nathan are in danger. Jacob tips them off to the threat and helps them to escape from Joseph's house. Seeking refuge in the Comanche grasslands, Archie and Nathan meet Gus, an old Comanche warrior, who gives them sanctuary. Learning to ride and exploring the landscape of love is all-consuming, except for the nagging, burning question which was never answered; why had they needed to flee from Joseph and Anthony?

A puzzle, given to Archie by Jacob, once solved, leads them to a hoped for rendezvous with Jacob where the threat becomes both real and deadly. Joseph's true motives for helping Archie are eventually revealed and all are thrown into mortal danger.

‘Brave' is a metaphysical journey which borrows from the Comanche creation myth. The title 'Brave' was chosen to convey both the bravery of the main characters as they triumph over their respective demons and the bravery of the Comanche from whom I have drawn much inspiration, both for this and other stories.

'Brave' combines the three stories, 'Broken', 'Mended' and 'Demon Rider'. 'Broken' previously appeared in 'A Liberty Treasury Trio of Gay Romances'. 'Mended' and 'Demon Rider' were previously published as stand-alone titles.

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Alp Mortal


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