The Weaver And The Loom

Alp Mortal
The Weaver And The Loom


The Carter Seagrove Project LLC
Release Date
November 2013

The Weaver & The Loom is a gay romantic story which charts the life and love of Jonah, the weaver and Jason, the boatwright. This story is about love, the sacrifice that it demands and the gifts that it bestows.

The Weaver and the Loom – The Warp
"Change comes not when we expect it, rarely is it a welcome guest … a darkness descends but there is light too … he is young and impetuous, he will act out of love but you will pay the price … something will be born and something will die … that is what I can see." Such were the words of the fortune teller to Jonah.

Jonah is the village weaver and his lover is Jason, the village boatwright. Their love for one another runs deep but it is kept hidden from the village. A young man's arrival to the village brings an unexpected change and the fortune teller's words begin to ring resoundingly with truth.

The Weft - Journey to Deuxfleurs
Part 2 of The Weaver and the Loom follows Jonah and Jason as they journey to the city of Deuxfleurs. It is a journey that tests their love. Jason struggles with the weight of his feelings regarding Jonah's sacrifice and his attraction to an exotic young man who they meet in Aubade. Old friends are reunited and new friendships are made including with a man from Deuxfleurs who will irrevocably change their future.

The Doom Clock
Part 3 and the stunning conclusion of ‘The Weaver and the Loom' finds Jonah and Jason in the midst of strife in Deuxfleurs where they have become unwitting partners in a plot by the king to create an empire over which he will reign. As the strength of their characters is tested, their love binds them even closer together. But will love be enough to survive the horrifying toll of the Doom Clocks?

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