Sheriff Found

Joyee Flynn
Sheriff Found
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Release Date
February 2011
Book 1 of Hiding Hounds
LGBTQ, Paranormal Romance, Vamps & Shifters Romance

Mates are the stuff of legends. But Toby Walker doesn't think things can get much harder than they are. Sent out into the human world by his pack to find help, Toby is shocked to find that the legends might be true when he spots his mate. His only problem is that the sheriff thinks he's just a cute little beagle pup, and he's sick with the mysterious disease that is killing his pack.

Sheriff Randall Markins is shocked when a beagle pup pees on his leg. He's even more astounded when he discovers that the pup is a gorgeous man that says they've mated. Randall has already been through so much in his life, and to discover that Toby has mated them without his permission might be more than he can handle. Can Toby convince Randall otherwise, or is he doomed to live without his mate? And what about his dying pack?

Book Review by Rebecca
Mar 23, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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SHERIFF FOUND by Joyee Flynn is a cute story based on a unique idea of puppy shifters. While the idea is a good one, the execution was lacking with an oversimplified storyline. In the world Flynn created, puppy shifters are discriminated against by those of the "stronger" shifter races. With such harsh discrimination within the shifter world, they not only have humans to fear but also members of their paranormal world. It's no wonder that they tend to be submissive and hide themselves away from society but how they've evolved and survived in the mountains is not fully explored.

The main character Toby, one of the puppy shifters, is an adorable character who exhibits the typical characteristics of a puppy in his human form as well as his shifter form. This makes for a bubbly, naive and uninhibited character, which seems at great odds with the larger issues with which he needed to deal with in his pack. He really did seem so much like a puppy that I liked him better in his puppy form.

Toby seemed to be the perfect partner for Randall, someone spontaneous to balance Randall's seriousness. Randall, the local sheriff, first meets Toby when he pees on him (yep – that wasn't a typo – the author actually has the puppy shifters pee on their mates – and all I can say is yuk!) to mate him. Believing Toby is a stray and smitten with this little puppy, Randall takes him in to a veterinarian and finds he needs to be treated for a disease. Once home, Toby shifts and though it shocks Randall at first, he adapts pretty quickly as he feels even more drawn to Toby in his human form. Their relationship evolves as Randall continues to care for Toby.

When put to the test, the two men commit themselves to saving Toby's entire puppy pack that have been infected with the same disease Toby had. With a leader unwilling to help, it will be up to Toby and his dominant mate to help lead their pack into a better future. The future has potential and the book seemed to end too soon when the story could've just begun to get interesting.

As the start to a new series, the storyline was very basic and I can only assume that the author plans to build her world slowly throughout a few more books. The secondary characters were engaging enough for me to read the second book but my verdict is still out on the quality of this new series.
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