The Gene Pool - Zac Tremble Investigates (Series Two Case Two)

Chambers Mars
The Gene Pool - Zac Tremble Investigates (Series Two Case Two)

The Carter Seagrove Project LLC
Release Date
November 2013

In The Gene Pool, Zac investigates The Gene Pool Sperm Bank and the odd character of Theobald Travesty. PENIS recruits Zac to examine the relationship between Travesty and one of his clients, Iris Mirthgold. Someone is playing God.

Also in this case, Zac donates his sperm to Cindy and Delphes so they can have their own baby, Amelia's DNA test proves one way or the other if she is Angus's sister and Zac finds more ways to communicate with Arian.

The Gene Pool is the second case in Zac Tremble Investigates - Series 2 and follows Skull & Crossbones.

All of the individual case files from Series 1, the series one compendium Jury's Out and the first novella Pot, Kettle, Black is available.

I sincerely hope that you enjoy the story. Feedback is especially welcome, and I'm thrilled with the feedback I have received so far, thank you! I would be delighted to hear from you.

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Chambers Mars


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