Triumph and Treasure

Collette Cameron
Triumph and Treasure
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Soul Mate Publishing
Release Date
December 2014
Book 1 of Highland Heather Romancing a Scot Series
Historical Romance

Would you claim a by-blow to protect your family from devastation?

A disillusioned Scottish gentlewoman.
Angelina Ellsworth once believed in love—before she discovered her husband of mere hours was a slave-trader and already married. To avoid the scandal and disgrace, she escapes to her aunt and uncle's, the Duke and Duchess of Waterford. When Angelina learns she is with child, she vows she'll never trust a man again.

A privileged English lord.
Flynn, Earl of Luxmoore, led an enchanted life until his father committed suicide after losing everything to Waterford in a wager. Stripped of all but his title, Flynn is thrust into the role of marquis as well as provider for his disabled sister and invalid mother. Unable to pay his father's astronomical gambling loss, Flynn must choose between social or financial ruin.

When the duke suggests he'll forgive the debt if Flynn marries his niece, Flynn accepts the duke's proposal. Reluctant to wed a stranger, but willing to do anything to protect her babe and escape the clutches of the madman who still pursues her, Angelina agrees to the union. Can Flynn and Angelina find happiness and love in a marriage neither wanted, or is the chasm between them insurmountable?

Book Review by Victoria Lane (reviewer)
Jul 05, 2016   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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TREASURE AND TRIUMPH by Collette Cameron is a romance novel that unfortunately falls prey to the standard predictable romance novel plot with the typical RN clichés. If those were its only problems, I might be able to give it three stars, but the incongruities and inconsistencies within scenes and within characters and other editing issues ruined the novel for me. I give it 2 stars.

In the novel, Angelina-Rose is horribly deceived by her new husband, Charles; not only is he already married, but his name isn't even Charles and he is a notorious slave trader. In a desperate attempt to salvage her and her family's reputations, Lina sails from Massachusetts to England to spend time with her mother's sister, the Duchess of Waterford and her family. While there, she meets the Flynn, Marquess of Bretheridge, whom her uncle, the Duke of Waterford is blackmailing into marrying her. Though initially their meeting is rough, they learn to be open with each other and make a real marriage out of their relationship. Along the way, they route the bad guys and fall in love, as expected.

Overall, this novel was a bit of a challenge to get through. Initially the challenge was with inconsistencies, or incongruities, in the storyline. A scene would jump from point A to point C or D without any mention of important in-between points. In the very first chapter, when Charles' stepson arrives at his honeymoon suite to drag Charles, whose real name is Pierre, back to France, he scoffs at the fact that Pierre is calling himself Charles. The problem with his reaction is that there is no dialogue or narration that reveals that information to the stepson. It's almost as if Lina was supposed to say Charles's name, thus alerting the stepson to Pierre's alias, but she doesn't. That connection is lacking.

In another place, the narration revealing Lina's inner thoughts and feelings compares the current weather with the previous year's weather. How would Lina know what the weather was like the previous summer since she was in America? Little details like this made me stop and go back to re-read parts because I thought I had missed something.

I also had issues with the characters, and how they acted somewhat *out* of character. In the beginning, Lina writes her mother about Charles's perfidy, and in order to protect her family's reputation, Lina's mother comes to her. Lina clearly understands the potential social disaster her fake marriage to a slave trader can cause and the need for discretion. However, on her trip across the pond, she reveals enough information to her hired companion to virtually ensure the social disaster. If she and her mom understood the social ramifications and need for discretion, you would think they would have been more discreet and/or come up with a story to stick to.

There were a couple times when suddenly a person would be mentioned without any context as to who that person is or why they are important to the plot or scene.

There were a lot of extraneous characters introduced early on that seemed to have no bearing on the plot. It was confusing and difficult to keep track of who was who, and though the characters popped up at the end of the novel, there had to be a way to incorporate them without it being so confusing. This novel is identified as a standalone, but after reading it, I learned that it is really secondary to another series focusing on those multiple characters I was having trouble sorting out.

The plot was predictable, and there were too many romance novel clichés. The cliché issue is a big pet peeve of mine. Sometimes I'd like to get a show of hands to find out if anyone has ever actually felt that "jolt of electricity" shooting up their arm when they touch their soul mate. The romance is not as graphic as some novels I've read, but probably still appropriate for mature audiences, college age or older.

There were some editing and grammatical issues that begged for another revision, and when writing a historical romance, no matter how loosely based on history, it's best to get the basics of your characters correct. In England, Flynn is a marquess; if he were French, he would be a marquis.

So overall, I did not enjoy the novel. Though it would benefit from another round of editing and revisions, I can't say that I would recommend it for anything other than a vacation beach read because the plot was just too predictable.
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