Bite Me, Baby: A Christmas Anthology

Alice Brown; Lady V; Hazel Gower; Samantha Potter; Rayne O'Gara; Lei Carol
Bite Me, Baby: A Christmas Anthology


JK Publishing, Inc.
Release Date
December 2014
Erotic Romance, Fantasy Romance, Paranormal Romance, Paranormal with Romantic Elements, Vamps & Shifters Romance

Santa Vamp by Alice Brown/Lady V: Garrett's given up on humanity, especially when he runs into a young woman he believes is stealing from a secondhand store. He soon realizes he has a second chance to right some wrongs in his very long life. Can a young woman who helps others in need at the holidays thaw the frozen heart of a vampire before it is too late?

The Love of Christmas by Samantha Potter: Christmas is but a dream for Alana. Until one silent night, when the dream turned into a magical reality. Can a heart awaken after being blackened for centuries? And with the right love, can dreams come true?

The Magical Highland Christmas by Rayne O'Gara: Sammie McCrea leads a boring analyzed life, so her great aunt sends her to the Scottish Highlands for Christmas and her own secret agenda.

Gavin McDaniel holds a secret he never wanted to share. That's until the curvy redhead disrupts the solitude of his rented cottage, causing him to see the benefits of sharing a past to gain a future both could celebrate for the holidays.

Bearly Christmas by Lei Carol: Callie has spent the last year of her life hiding from everything and everyone, so she thought. However, days before Christmas her whole world changes. Will she stay in the past or run into the arms of her future?

Christmas Escape by Hazel Gower: What if your soul mate had always been right in front of you, but you realized too late? Can a Christmas miracle fix a past and change a future?


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