One Wicked Weekend

Charlotte Russell
One Wicked Weekend
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Boroughs Publishing Group
Release Date
December 2014
Historical Romance

As a newcomer to Lord Bruton's scandalous house party, Hugh Drake was to choose first. He would select the woman whose eyes and body excited him most, whose lips and tongue would do all of the things he had been told a true lady never did. He would select a woman who would need all he wanted to give—and less. He would choose she who showed him both strength and desperation, and who would be the answer to his secret mission. He would choose an angel and a temptress, a protégé and a partner. He would choose his future wife.

Book Review by Adelaide Rose (reviewer)
Oct 27, 2015   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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"Who would have ever thought that he'd attend a licentious house party and come away with a bride."

Charlotte Russell's ONE WICKED WEEKEND opens with Hugh Drake, an upstanding gentleman, faced with an unusual predicament--choosing his first sexual conquest from an array of beautiful women at an illicit, private party. Assembled by the infamous Viscount Bruton for the enjoyment of his male guests, the women are disguised as a housemaid, a milkmaid, a shepherdess and a governess and appear ready to fulfill the fantasies of those in attendance.

However, Hugh quickly discerns that one costumed woman is not like the others. Wide-eyed and trembling, the governess seems out-of-place at the lascivious gathering and he protectively chooses her to be his partner.

That said, the rules of this party are clear--each man will experience one day and night of passion with each young woman over the course of four days--no exceptions permitted.

Calling herself Catherine Trent, the governess confesses to Hugh that she is, in fact, a governess. Fired and forced into desperation by her former employer, Lord Sherborne, she responded to an advertisement seeking a new position at Lord Bruton's estate--only to learn too late how she would be expected to earn her salary.

Catherine, however, is not the only guest at the party who is there under a false pretense.

Hugh Drake has joined the gathering, not for sexual pleasure, but to retrieve a stolen letter from the party's disreputable host. However, to linger at the party exposes Catherine to the lust of other men as the viscount's rules require the changing of partners, a consequence that Drake's integrity, and his emerging passion, cannot abide.

Sweet, sexy and well-written, Charlotte Russell's ONE WICKED WEEKEND is a pleasure to read and I especially enjoyed Ms. Russell's eschewing of some traditional romance themes. Ms. Russell creates a dynamic in which our hero and heroine must save each other from the machinations of a corrupt aristocrat and it is ultimately Catherine's courage and ingenuity that makes possible the happy ending.

Furthermore, though Catherine proves to be more virtuous than she had believed herself to be, she is not a virginal girl who is seduced by a charismatic man. On the contrary, she is a woman who is comfortable in her sexuality and whose guidance shows an otherwise straight-laced Hugh Drake a side of himself he never knew.

In fact, it is Drake's sexually-conservative and self-admonishing conscience that provides many of the stories humorous moments, such as his assertion that "If he touched Catherine inappropriately again, he would be forced to challenge himself to a duel."

As Hugh fights to resist his desire for Catherine due to his fear of corrupting her, Catherine fights to resist her love for Hugh due to her fear that she is too impure for him. It is only through their shared desire to undermine the schemes of Viscount Bruton, and the constancy of Hugh's belief that their love can triumph, that they are finally able to understand each other fully.

Ultimately, ONE WICKED WEEKEND is about appreciating those we love for who they really are and seeing ourselves differently through the eyes of those who love us.

As tender as it is steamy, I highly recommend ONE WEEKEND WEEKEND to readers who are looking for a smartly-written, romantic read with sexy and humorous moments.
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